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I am returning from the grave of school to bring a message. A message of useless comments about each song. To the music!

1) I'm liking the beginning riff. Yeah, overall I like this piece.

2) This ambient metal tag intrigues me. Will it be post-metal? Black-metal? Sludge-metal? Something else entirely? Let's find out. Well, I sounds like I was wrong on all accounts, but I do really like the way the undistorted and distorted guitars work with each other. Cool song.

3) I'm feeling charitable. Bring on the step! Nice song. That's like three ambient pieces in a row though (not that I mind). What is happening to the fandom?! (I jest)

4) Genre: Rock of some sort. Starting off pretty cool. You have a pretty good voice too.

5) This is my sort of music. Loving it. (Also, what is probably an appropriate enough description).

6) I like the beats here, but I really have much other opinions on this one.

7) I can see how this could be a parody, but DnB too? Hmmm. Fine parody, but I didn't here any DnB.

8) Genre: Orchestral. Yay, more Radiarc. And as per usual, it sounds really good.

9) The opening drums (pre-kick) are cool and I like the sound of the synth. Also vocals is a nice change for the usual. But those wubs. It's been a while since I have heard a drop like that. I think I can go longer.

10) Good song.

11) Is it just me or is there a lot more brony rap than there was 2 months ago? Anyway, this is pretty violent.

12) Circusy music. That's cool. I still don't like Prilight though.

13) Genre: Easy Listening. Good voice.

14) [pet peeve] This better be actual techno and not EDM called techno!!! [/pet peeve]. Not techno, but otherwise fine.

15) I don't think dark is a genre, but I'm think of a good genre for this. Industrial? (In the actual sense and not what Equestria Daily seems to think industrial is) Anyway, I'm liking the drums (especially the rolls) and the bass. And the real buried vocals . I like buried vocals. Great ending.

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I love Ricksatan. He's my favorite brony celebrity.

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I'd love to hear that! (I'd make it but i don't know how, wouldn't do it justice and am swamped in other projects).

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Não sou brasileiro, mas eu morei lá para dois anos. (Was that right? I'm already forgetting my Portuguese.)

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The hardcore section is really messed up too, thanks to the ambiguity in the word hardcore. But personally I think that the messes will do the job better, if they are allowed to fix the mistakes.

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Tags are the best way to go.

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Complaints and Observations about the current system.
1) The unintended consequences of the hardcore tag. In music hardcore generally means one of three things: hardcore punk, hardcore techno, and hardcore hip-hop (If you combine them you get digital hardcore). It appears to me that EqD wanted to have a way for the various artists how make harder-edged electronic music recognized, resulting in the hardcore tag (underneath electronic). Unfortunately there is no metal (or punk) tag so many harder rock artists (especially punk, metalcore and deathcore) looking for a good category for their music saw hardcore and placed their music there, a reasonable mistake because of the ambiguity. This is not a complaint over metalcore and deathcore being labeled hardcore (punk) (I feel they aren't and have many reasons, but this is not the time or place to discuss this) but rather rock being labeled as hardcore techno, thereby confusing everyone looking for either "genre" of music.

2) Remix vs Show Remix. There is a way to label your song as a remix, which is good. However "show remix" made it seem like it meant that you want to the song to be shown as a remix, as opposed to your song being a remix of a song in the show. This why, as of writing, the top show remixes (it becomes less ambiguous outside of the submissions box) include a discord remix, a flutterwonder remix and a few others that I am pretty sure weren't in the show. Instead they should have a remix box, that when selected has a yes no box for "was the song from the show" (or something similar) or just ignore the differences between remixes in the broad categories (instead having show remix be a tag).

In all, this has potential, but it needs some fixing for both usability and efficiency sake. Also an on site FAQ and help page.

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I'm optimistic for this so far, but I have some ideas.

First, additions/opinions to their stated future updates (pending stability):

1) Better searching, such as by artist, or date or (if things similar to later ideas I have for implementation) theme. The current search system (so to speak) is pretty meh. Yes one can search (well categorize) by genre, which is nice (I'll have suggestions for that later) but there are other things that would be helpful too. Also support for songs listed under "other" (which won't be necessary, I hope, if my ideas on genre are taken into consideration), since there is no other category currently.

2) Album support. I personally don't think this fits as well as it could with the site and it's stated goal, but if they can make it work, more power to them.

Next, my opinions (which may not be feasible, right or good but with my current knowledge seem reasonable) on categorization and how to make the site more user-friendly/better.

1) More booru-like, mostly though a "tag" system. I'll eleborate this soon. Users (anon or registered. I prefer anon, but can see and understand reasons for only giving power for registered users, especially uploading.) should be able to tag songs that have already been submitted, correcting information (assuming that the golden mean and argumentum ad populum has merit, which I believe in subjective things like music to be more or less true) and "organically" improving the system. Upvoting/downvoting is not enough for user moderation, nor is it all that efficient or effective for improvement or moderation.

2) Improved genre system. This is a pet interest of mine, so bear with me and my rant. I see why in the current system there is only one genre (the current implementation of the "acoustic"/"electronic" split and vocal vs non vocal seems fine to me) as it is nice when looking at the top lists. Unfortunately, genres aren't so clean cut and many songs can easily be classified into multiple genres. Under my system, the submitter puts it into a broader genre, and then can tag subgenres. The broad genres would be mostly based of the current ones with some changes. For example speedcore and hardcore should be combined (I'll complain about the hardcore category later. It has some unintended problems dealing with the ambiguity of the word hardcore), rock and metal (which should fix part of the hardcore problem) and house and electro house should be split. Maybe additions of an idm/experimental tag and other such things. The subgenres would not be displayed (or would be, depedning on if it is lumped with other tags or if all tags are shown. This is a logistics/aesthetics issue and one that I am not well prepared for) but would be an integral part of searching. Having these subgenres (which could either be suggested in something such as a drop-menu or typed in directly. Or both) would allow submitters to better place their music without losing the broad genre as a whole. It will also allow multiple genres for a song (I think that the max subgenres should be 3-5 but again, it's all subject to testing and feasibility).

3) Other tags. These would include artists (so that collabs could be better searched), themes and subjects, and characters mentioned/about, etc. Tags would aid in searching the like. They should be editable by anyone, crowd sourcing much of the labor and hopefully rectify mistakes much better than the current system (I'm looking at you hardcore!).

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Well for about 50 or so of the Music of the Days.

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Another return that will hopefully mark a full return to this listening business.

1) Genre: Piano. A nice cover of this song. On a barely related note, Celestia needs more screen time.

2) There appears to be a lot of reverb on those synths (Not that that is bad). In all, a fine piece, though this was a case where I didn't really like the breakdown. Not sure why though.

3) Is that a woodblock? Anyway, this seems to fit pretty well with the stated theme, really capturing the essence of the crusaders and still keeping the laidbackness of a break.

4) Genre: Dance. I liked the introduction a lot, but after the drop it got kind of meh for me.

5) Genre: Electronic. I like some of the sounds in here (especially with some of the percussion), but the song felt really repetitive. Might be because all the other songs today (up to this point) were so short.

6) And here goes all the time I saved with so many short songs :). First thing your attitude in the description is pretty good. Recognizing your faults (as long as you don't hit yourself over the head with them) is good, as is realizing your song's insignificance (I don't mean that is a bad way). You of your maturity (so to speak). Anyway I found the song to be pretty repetitive, but that's trance for ya. The kick has the sort of hittingness I wish I could get to work though.