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Not all people choose to forfeit the concept of altruism to the Left, which does not acknowledge the right of individual judgment in the choice of when and how to act altruistically. And conflating "selfish" with all forms of self-interest hardly does much justice to rationality. Selfishness is the disease of failing to recognize that you are no more morally important than anyone else.

What Andrew Breitbart was, was invested. He found a purpose, and threw himself utterly into it.

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Granted, it was not correct to call Senator Ted Kennedy a pile of excrement. Under USDA guidelines, a pile has to contain at least 65% excrement to be called a pile of excrement, whereas Ted Kennedy's body was at least 50% Chivas.

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Fear is the mind-killer.

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We must, and we will much about that be committed.

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Don't cut spending, inject funds?


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I feel like it should have been titled "Rock'em Sock'em Robots: THE MOVIE"

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Let us all congratulate His Excellency, Commander-General Hopeychangemonger-in-Chief Al Hadji Doctor Barack H. Obama, Knight of the Order of William and Bernardine, Lowerer of the Seas, Defender of the Polar Bears, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas, Conqueror of the Fifty-Seven United States of America in General and Chicago in Particular, Constitutional Scholar, King of Scotland, Master of Austrian Language, and Professor of Geography.

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I guarantee that no matter who wins the nomination, we'll see a new side of the Tea Party holding the GOP's feet to the fire.

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It's not race, it's culture. There is no reason Africa and the Middle East can't be taught to live by the same principles white Europeans and Americans do. The reason they haven't been is because some politically correct fluffy-minded hippies have decreed that "cultural imperialism" is evil.

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For most PC games it wouldn't be too complicated to create a mod that added in most of the "realism" Luke Russert craves.

Just set up a system in which witnessing anything remotely scary, especially death, and most especially whenever you are killing people, builds up a "Psychological Trauma Meter". At a random point your character will break down in tears and wail nihilistic gibberish, fading out to a thoughtful Game Over screen.