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If anyone is going to kill my idea, I want it to be me (or someone on my team)!

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Gutsy post, Maurilio. I think it strikes at the heart of what it means to be an exceptional leader - and stands in stark contrast to the popular "lead by consensus" mentality that I see paralyzing so many leaders I work with.

The people on your team care most that their voices are heard and their ideas are seriously considered - research shows they care about that even more than whether you choose their preferred course of action.

When Abraham Lincoln provided his cabinet with the final draft of his proposed Emancipation Proclamation, he himself started the vote with, "Aye." Each and every cabinet member in turn voted, "Nay." The president then stood up and said, "Gentelmen, the ayes have it," and the rest is history.

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You get an A+ for self-awareness! Can't wait to hear you speak sometime...

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Great post, Daniel. Personally, perfectionism doesn't hold me back from starting as much as finishing. I'm a starter, but I peter out near the end and can use the perfectionism "excuse" to avoid ending a project - for the same reasons you list here.

Thanks for sharing!

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Terrific resource! Your delegation is only as clean as you are clear - with yourself and with others. Thanks.

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I was thinking the same thing! When I'm delegating at level 4 or 5, I've got to be clear about what's nonnegotiable and allow the other person to "do it their way" with the rest. I struggled as a young leader when "their way" didn't match "my way." But that was my issue, not theirs.

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One of the most remarkable books I've read this year is "Hope Unseen." It's the true story of Scotty Smiley, the Army's first blind active-duty officer. He lost his eyesight to a car bomb in Iraq and the book follows the journey of faith, struggle, and redemption that followed for him and his young family. Scotty has since climbed Mt. Rainier, surfed, skydived, earned an MBA from Duke, taught leadership at West Point, and commanded the Army's Warrior Transition Unit. His life is a such a testimony to what God can do when we turn to Him - no matter what.

This is actually a book I was going to recommend to you personally, Mike; I thought it would be right up your alley. Thanks for providing the opportunity for me to share it with everyone else. As always, thanks for all the value you add with these posts!

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These are terrific - and right on!

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Wow...thanks for the shout out, John. More than that, thanks for the list - I'm excited to check out some of these folks I've haven't "met" yet. Great idea!

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Once again, thanks for sharing your life with us, Mike. I've completed a similar life-plan - and helped others through the process, thanks in part to your "tele-tutelage." As for me, I hope the people who have relationships or encounters with me experience more clarity, more life, and more freedom as a result.

Of course that will only happen if I'm clinging to - and introducing them to - the One who does that for me.