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Perhaps I am too cynical, but could the Dems have picked the "No Fly" list specifically because either the Republicans have to either admit that the list is a blunt tool with many constitutional inconsistencies which is mostly for show and not actually a good way to identify probable terrorists so we shouldn't use it to restrict the constitutional rights of citizens, or they say "The No Fly list is absolutely the best way to identify potential terrorists, but that doesn't mean that those potential terrorists shouldn't be able to buy weapons"?

I'm too cynical, aren't I?

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Every so often I'll wear something that accentuates them just right, or there will be a picture of me standing in a way that they're shown to their best and people will be like "where did THOSE come from?!?" THEY WERE THERE ALL ALONG, they're ninja boobs.

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"At the end of the day, everyone’s body is just a set of basic measurements." <- This is very good.

I started my adult life as a 30A. The process by which I figured out that I had ended up around a 30/32D by 22 was a long and difficult one, thanks to a prominent sternum, boobs that didn't like each other, and a misunderstanding of what D cup boobs are "supposed" to look like. And my mom is a seamstress so I've had my measurements taken regularly since childhood. I still don't "look" particularly busty. But the bras fit, and that's what's important.

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Ok, but let's talk about how "house trained" that bison is, because it definitely starts to take a wiz on the floor in the video about how house trained it is. That is not convincing.

But then again I don't think it's possible to oversell a bison that's at least house friendly.

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It was definitely this! Thank god, I kept going back to the Children of Lir and was like "...ok, this is close, but really not right at all." I think I had an Irish Fairy Tale book and an animated series of Grimm's fairy tales that had similar styles and was mixing them up in my head.

In other news, there are WAY too many fairytales about children being turned into swans.

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"Sewing A Shirt Made Of Nettle-Flax To Turn You From A Bird Back Into Your Original Form"

I was trying to think of what story this was in a few weeks ago and couldn't and it was driving me INSANE. I had almost forgotten about it, but here we are.

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This one right here in case anyone else wants to gawk. (I am still gawking. I will be gawking until it arrives and then I will stroke it gently and lovingly.)

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I bought a gorgeous Ted Baker dress yesterday for "only" $170 marked down from $325 so I'm VERY EXCITED but also can't buy anything else listed here which is sad because the smoking slipper and coasters are calling to me.

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When he was still with the Heat I got to go to a game with my then-boyfriend's family. It was like watching a rhino stomp around in a herd of gazelles. He is a ridiculously oversized human being, but all his proportions are totally normal so you don't really notice it until he stands next to someone else.

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DC resident here! I feel... mixed emotions. It's very VERY clear that routine maintenance and care has not been kept up to the standard it should have been, and drastic measure are necessary to upgrade the system to something reliable that can handle the volume of commuters using it now. On the other hand, a lot of people rely on it to get to work and planned their living situations around access to metro and taking it away could have a devastating effect on their lives. I don't know what the right answer is. I do appreciate that the new GM seems to be very serious about tackling the big problems with the system while making easy, immediate improvements (like the "six car train stops here" signs or the 15 minute grace period to exit a station you just entered without charge).