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"America is a great country. Is it not a pity that Democrats have seized it?"

Well, is it not?

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My worst nightmare is their Web site, you'd think technology has stood still since 1998.

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And what sterling work has the NYPD done? They missed Najibulla Zazi and instead kept files on innocent Americans and immigrants. I fully support rooting out terrorism, I work in NY, but this program seems to have achieved nothing but keeping undercover agents well-fed and entertained on Washington's dime.

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"civil liberties extremists". Wow, there is no such thing. We either have our civil liberties and defend them, or not. There is no spectrum.

And this from the crowd that supposedly respects and reveres the Constitution. Sickening

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These go to eleven..

The title sure throws you off.

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Not sure of this is a joke. Anyway, this will surely rope the kids in to hip conservatism:

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Satan signed a copy of that beautiful print when he was in town training my death squads.

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Those were great days we were living, bros. We were jolly green giants, walking the Earth... with guns. Those people we snarked here were the finest human beings we will ever know. After we rotate back to the world, we're gonna miss not having anyone around that's worth snarking.

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Even Kai Ryssdal was a dick to him today on Marketplace, ostensibly to interview him about el libro. (Yes, even Banana Republic dictators listen to NPR occasionally.)

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Mr. Hankey? Hi Dee Ho!