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I like it when the things Mark is watching line up in unexpected ways. Just couple weeks ago we had the baseball episode of Steven Universe, and here we have a baseball episode of DS9. More than that, though, the plot of this episode and the themes of it are surprisingly similar to Beach City Drift.

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This is one of my favorite Voyager episodes but rewatching it something stuck out to me. Where is Ensign Mulcahey after the first act? The Borg drone supposedly was made using his DNA but after that he disappears from the plot. It just seems weird to me that he wouldn't be involved anymore. Also weird; I always assumed Mulcahey and One were played by the same actor but they weren't; apparently the nanoprobes used his DNA to create some guy who wasn't genetically identical to him. Makes it even weirder to me that Mulcahey disappears, or that they didn't use a regular character for that bit and have a subplot about his reaction to One.

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Lars isn't really more gender-neutral than Laramie though.

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Alternatively: weirdest ship ever.

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The whole "ship landing taking up time" thing is only a problem if you feel the need to show the ship landing every time.

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Actually, Brian Markinson is one of three actors to play two unrelated characters in a Star Trek episode, if you count Patrick Stewart playing a holodeck character in "The Defector."

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Maybe Toddman's wearing a gold uniform because he's in Starfleet Security?

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The only problem I have with this episode is Tom Paris, who is the ship's pilot and not an engineer or science officer, is the one who assists Torres in her technobabble solution to this weeks problem. It should have been Carey. Gbb onq gur jevgref nccneragyl guvax ur'f qrnq ng guvf cbvag. V unir n gurbel gurer jnf n cyna gb xvyy uvz bss va "Fgngr bs Syhk" ohg gurl raqrq hc abg qbvat vg, ohg gurl sbetbg gung gurl qvqa'g qb vg. Vs gung znxrf frafr. Or they should have switched Harry and Tom's roles in this episode.

Other than that it's one of my favorites of season 1. Any episode that features the Doctor is brilliant and I always love anything with Vikings.

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I don't comment often but I just wanted to say I really don't like this episode. It's not because of the afterlife stuff, though. It's because of the terrible science. It's that old tired sci-fi trope of someone discovering a new element. Every time I hear that I twitch a little because one of the key things we understand about the universe is that it's made of the same elements everywhere, and the only way to naturally create an element is inside of a star. Every element we know of here on Earth with an atomic number over 95 has to be created artificially. So this alien species, when they decompose, apparently manages to synthesize an element with an atomic number of 248(!) something not possible even in the largest and hottest of stars. I never use the word "impossible" but let's say I find that unlikely to the point of absurdity. And the worst part is there's no reason for it. It has no bearing on the plot and is just a curiosity they gloss over.

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I was watching this dubbed in English with no subtitles and I thought it was Jealous until just now.