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(preface: I believe that faith is in itself god. That most humans, across cultures, have a yearning for something larger than themselves to help explain the world and guide their lives - all of that hope, that faith, that belief, is god, whatever trappings it's dressed up in. I can relate to those feelings, even though I'm not religious.) One of my coworkers left me a note in my drawer that said, "Dear General Burnsthighs, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and God loves you, too." I sat with the note for awhile, and finally decided to throw it away and not mention it. I know it was coming from what she felt was a genuine place, even though I'm not Christian and she knows it so it was a lil patronizing. I was more annoyed by her telling she loved me than God did. I HATE it when people who don't actually know me tell me they love me. No, you don't. You can't love someone if you don't know who they are and the things you don't know about me would fill one big ass book, which you would NOT enjoy reading, given your preference for Nicolas Sparks novels and distaste for teh gays.

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I don't remember where I read this theory (tumblr maybe?) but I've thought it interesting. Basically, it posited that conspiracy theorists, who are usually old white men, don't actually experience material or ideological oppression but still (want to) feel like they're victims of something, so they invent these wild theories about some shadow corporation/religion/whatever the NWO even is, in order to satisfy this need to feel like they're victims. Basically they don't believe that racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. are real influences on our culture and world, so they come up with these wacked out theories instead. Whereas people who actually experience oppression don't need to make up theories about some global cabal of bad guys controlling everything because they're already experiencing it from the state, society, etc. Gah, I wish I remembered better, it was suuuper interesting.

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Second NYX Wonder pencil!

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I can't believe I know this but in F*fty Sh*des of Gr*y the dude asks (tells? I haven't read or seen it) the lady to put her hair in a braid before they do The K*nky S*x St*ff... so unfortunately maybe it's related to that. Maybe not, though. Maybe they are really into the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm aesthetic.

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You are correct: TNC is a huge comics nerd and that's definitely a reference to Marvel.

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My back and chest break out like whoa if I don't wash my body separately, post shampoo/conditioner, with a specific kind of soap. I usually will clip my wet hair up while I wash my body so no residue washes out of my hair and onto my skin. Also, long armpit hair means those babies need a good scrubbin' every day to not get funky. I can't imagine just... not washing my entire body with soap every time. I even wash my legs and feet, which is apparently unusual? From what shower partners have told me, anyway. But if it works for you, that's awesome and I'm jealous!

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Toasties, I would like some advice. The girl that broke up my ex boyfriend and me (and whom my ex bf broke up with in order to mend his friendship with me earlier this week) sent me 8 or 9 text messages last night flagellating herself/justifying her actions/vaguely guilt tripping me because now no one likes her and I would like to know what you would do: would you take this opportunity to turn this into a life teaching moment and respond with something well thought out and honest explaining how intent doesn't matter when your actions are harmful and how you will never make female friends if you habitually pursue men who already have partners? Or would you just ignore it because goddamn you do not have time to deal with the drama of 20 year olds. Please advise.

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I don't think there will ever be a comparable hormonal birth control for men because I firmly believe that any negative side effect, even ones that are common for women on HBC i.e. headaches, risk of blood clots, lowered libido, etc., would be considered too serious, too dangerous, too life disrupting. It seems to me that there's a mindset in the medical community that people who have periods are expected to suffer (or maybe even should suffer) so all the side effects of HBC are just part and parcel of the whole "not wanting to be pregnant" thing.

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My cat loves Chik Fil A - he climbs right up in my lap and sticks his little nose right in my face while I'm trying to chow down on my spicy chicken sandwich.

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You are most welcome! I hope more research is done on it, I would love to finally be able to go to a Mexican restaurant!