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The most important part of the ruling, in my eyes, is that this judge declared, "...summary judgment is a drastic remedy that may only be granted when the moving party demonstrates to the court that he is entitled to judgment as a matter of law." or in other words, summary judgment is ONLY granted in cases where the facts so clearly define the outcome, based on the law, that no argument will change that. Only about 30% of Federal cases that move for summary judgment are granted the motion. In addition, from what I’ve read, only 5-20% of summary judgments are overturned on appeal. If the city decides to appeal, they’re throwing more good money after bad.

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Except we're finding out now, the system didn't work - the voters were sold a bill of goods by one newly elected official and now those same people who voted in Polly Christensen are asking for her to step down. Way to go, Polly! You have disgraced the chair you occupy faster than any other council member in history! I think she is going to take more than a little abuse. Just my opinion!

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Ironically, had the Progressives not had an uproar about Life Bridge, they would have built a neighborhood, where now instead they have wells being fracked and pumped. Guess that one backfired on the Leftists...unintended consequences...

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This guy has as much personality as a wet sock.

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Have you ever asked Coombs his thoughts on Oil and Gas? He's not Anti-fracking. That's a fact!

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a very FEW some...the problem is coming down the pike. Mark my words. Have you checked your rates lately? Guessing they have jumped by 20% or more - I thought Obamacare was supposed to make all our rates go down? #FAIL

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Finley wasn't a council member with Baum, how could she be "stronger" since his departure? You're really trying to re-write history here. And again, you haven't even seen the debate, when will you be willing to admit that? You lied about that, what else are you lying about?

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Even better, I just want back to Channel 8 online and found that last night at 5:30 was the "State of Lyons Public Information Meeting" that was broadcast live (http://www.longmontchannel.com/State-of-Lyons-Public-Information-Meeting.html). The video runs 2:20 which has it ending at just before 8:00. So in fact the debates were NOT live last night. So, I'll ask, since you've admitted you weren't there, and we all now know it wasn't on TV, how did you see it to be able to form an opinion?

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I didn't get to see it either, but a friend of mine said she couldn't watch it on tv because Channel 8 was running a special on Lyons and flood at that time. Maybe she was on the wrong channel but I don't think so. I just checked Channel 8 online and don't see the debates listed in the programming guide. Are you sure you were watching the debate and not the segment they're running on meet the candidates?

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I second RamblinRose, Pedrow is not only a flaming liberal but as Progressive as they get! Have you seen his LTEs about anti-fracking and who he's supporting in this race? His Liberal agenda was hidden for years but in the works undercover. Talk about doing things behind closed doors! Obviously you don't really know how this city was run for years! If I remember correctly, he suggested cutting time and it never went to vote. But he always did let people speak - but not Coombs. Ask Strider Bensten about the first time he tried to speak and his name wasn't on the list, with Coombs as Mayor. Dennis wouldn't let him talk. His response? "Mayor Baum always let me speak." That's a Fact, go look it up. Baum always let people had their voice (until the light came on), not Coombs.