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Buck yea minty!
is it bad i have that song memorized?

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lol, ebay at 99¢, not for long!

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i recognize the person in that photo, you are so lucky dan, getting pics with delancie, tara and faust, and now getting to have a bunch of comic-con posters around. kinda jelly

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um, i do believe haybuck is head of PR for bronycon, unless that has changed in the last few hours.

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hey coder, you going to bring those posters to one of the meetups? i'de love to see one. Glad to hear things are going well with this charity and it's too bad you cant show the ad.

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wow, any reason bronycon didn't send out an email about this, cmon haybuck!
but seriously this is awesome, but it's another $20 on an autograph, and thats if i even have time for it

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true, it's all about who you know and the friends you make in the film business. This community would also certainly help cut costs, hell i have some experience in film and would have helped out any way i could.

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on one hand i'm expecting something amazing because this is five times what they asked for, but on the other hand it's a third of a million while most movie budgets these days are in the millions.

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this might have been mentioned already but i do prefer audio, but be sure to put a download link! i cannot emphasize this enough with putting it in all caps. I dont listen to interviews or music or other things at my computer because i have better things to listen to, but if i can download it and put it on my ipod i can listen to it while at the gym or on my way to work.

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for anyone wondering, the plushies made by Brony Express are pretty awesome, a friend of mine got a vinyl scratch made by her and it is amazing. I wish i could enter the raffle but i dont have enough money in my paypal account and i by the time i put more in the project will be over. Good job Coder!