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Brick Frog!


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What Zippy said. State-mandated tests have a long history of being used to sort certain students into greater/lesser categories and then moving the goalposts when the desired lesser population isn't sorted (Florida being a "great" example of this). Once Dreamers start passing it, expect the standards for passing to be raised. Once they still pass it, expect a new test to be designed.

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What does god need with a starship drone force?

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I look forward to Boehner's efforts to pass legislation undoing the Patriot Act. Because I'd hate to see this turn out to be just another bout of grandstanding and electioneering.

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It's not a real Challenge to a Duel until there's a glove slap involved. Case closed, reinstate this man's access to his arsenal.

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“I believe in gun rights. It’s our constitutional right,” he said, adding the gun was real but “not loaded."

Sounds like the Heritage Foundation found their latest Noted Conservative Scholar.

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Right, because refusing to de-segregate a high school prom definitely doesn't play into the interests of the Democratic party in any way.

Keep up the good work, Gov. Shitmuffin.

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I mean, if they really wanted to derail her campaign, they could have just distributed free copies of Kiss the Girls. But maybe that's a little too close to socialism.

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Wait, I thought we moved on from BENGHAZI!!!!! to BEYONCE!!!! I can't keep up with all of these manufactured crises.

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This included her mental health. The meeting leader noted:

She’s clearly, this sounds extreme, but she is emotionally unbalanced.

Clearly, someone who experienced depression at some time is emotionally unbalanced, unlike a small cabal of men poring over the autobiography of someone and fapping over the possibility of publicly ridiculing that person's moment of depression.

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Gotta give the Tea Party constituents their bread and circuses.