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The same old tale is true...One I've followed all my life..Although it appears you can be friends with a snake,alas all you can do is live with them.....The only way to control them is to have a firm grasp on their neck while holding their venomous head....And the point of this is......although we seem to have a common interest in getting rid of this butcher in Syria, we always fall in the trap that we can change all for the good....thus comes the logic of the snake...A snake is a snake and will always be....So be it.....

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And to think the white race will be extinct by 2050....I'll be dust by then so i won't be around when the ''mudbloods are in charge.....As it stands now we probably will be talking spanish.....Yep,I'm a ''honkie'',cracker'',and pretty much a bigoted redneck,but I ain't a fool.....Vote in November and let's dump the trash.......

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The zero option is never good,but by the same token this Iranian moron is pushing very hard for that option.I can't fathom any sound mind that wishes for Armageddon (which rest assured won't just be contained to the middle east)..what about Russia and China?In my opinion they won't sit idly by while their chief oil suppliers get cooked,thus bringing the United States into the mix.Either way devastation would be assured.As a Christan I support Israel 100%.I strongly believe ,in being a Christian turning the other cheek,however only to a point.When it comes down to my welfare and being threatened with me and my family being killed or wiped out I can without a doubt say "pound sand",and to hell with you...Some people you can't talk reason no matter how hard you show the outcome of their fate,as is the case of this Iranian idiot.So I say''let the chips fall where they may...In this case...Warheads if it comes down to it......God help us all.......

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Ever notice how much we have slid into the political correctness mode since Clinton became president?Mucho gun control,anti smoking,all the while he was being serviced under the desk..after his prez.ended Bush took over and because of 9-11 we became a minor police state,then Obama slimmed his way in and of course now it seems our lives ,lifestyle,and values have gone down the slimy drain.Although i sound like a defeatest I am far from it. I love my country,served twice in the military,own guns,and still smoke.Hey what the hell......I'm also old school and even drink turkey101 once in a while...go figure....I do avoid spending my time and money on things that I feel are politically correct like NASCAR,when they changed it from Winston Cup...It ain't southern anymore...........So my opinion is go to your voting polls this November and vote....Sooner or later we can get it right....

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I don't see any blurred seems whats good for the goose is good for the gander....I received donation requests from Messina today and earlier.The fact of the matter is I spend on what I wish to...America must wake up and smell the coffee.The question I want to ask is......what is good for America,not just me.........yes I'm old school and want a good life but,I feel you must work for it not expect it....that's why I wonder why the cost of running for office is so high......

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Wow!That all it takes to find a great job????I knew I was doing something wrong...I better go house hunting....mmmmmm

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statistics don't lie unless the democratic party reports them...funny how the major news media caters to the "owl" movements......i can only guess so that hard working people who are struggling and won't take handouts get either "po'd,or envious.......well,not happening here my misguided liberal......

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Seems more of a re-election bid than true speech.Powerful language though.I just hope the sheep don't fall for it again.