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I Can Confirm restore Window for 6.1.2 is Closed at 16:00 hrs. in Chile (South America GMT -4)

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I'm Trying to share 3G internet connection from the iPhone to my WiFi iPad2, and also trying to connect my phone to a Car's radio in order to play the iPhone's lybrary of music.

For the first problem i have solved it with mywi via WiFi HotSpot (bluetooth still not working), for the second one.. no solution yet.

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Thanx guys...
1) I was just asking on Redsn0w release because of its impresive set of Tools (No_BB; Saving Blobs, Restores and iOS downgrades for older devices.. etc..)

2) I allready did a full Factory restore to iOS 6.1 from iOS 5.1.1, just to see if the problem was the iOS ore somethingh related to settings, still can't get connected via bluetooth...
Not a big deal anyways.. I can live without it.

If any of you came up with an idea, please let me know


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Just if you are Factory Unlocked.
If not, you will allways have to do that, just in case any new iOS comes with a Baseband Upgrade.

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there are some reports of ultrasn0w and Mobile substrate causing problems, or No Signal Status.
therefore, the closest i could get to a fresh restore is to remove everything that mess up with the baseband.

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Uninstall: Mobile Substrate, then reInstall again, reboot, and that should work.
(it worked for me)

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New Bootrom 3GS
Model: MC133-X/A

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Tested with Sygic GPS App (Maps for Australia) ->OK
Tested with Google Maps ->OK

I dont own any other GPS App, but for me, working on 2 out of 2 its good enough.

Thanks Again Guys!..

PS: By the way. the iPhone is a New Bootrom 3GS

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Reporting Success!..
What I Did, starting with iPhone 3GS iOS.5.1.1, Already Jailbroken using Absynthe.
1) Uninstalled ultrasn0w
2) Installed Baseband by only Checking "Downgrade BB" in Redsn0w
3) Now the baseseband is 05.13.04
4) Reinstalled Mobile Substrate, and Reinstalled ultrasn0w
5) Rebooted the iPhone
6) It took like 2 to 3 min. to catch up the signal, but works fine!..


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iPhone 3GS, Running iOS 5.1.1. iPad Baseband.
Unlocked unofficialy with the redsn0w fixer 5.1.1 + old version of redsn0w.
Now that redsn0w officaly supports iOS 5.1.1, should I uninstall the "fix", uninstall old version of redsn0w, reboot, and proceed with the instalation of the new version?...