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An unintelligent position by the PM - after all, Dr Wan Azizah is not just someone's wife... She is current PKR President, a former MP, a current Selangor assembly person, a dato seri, a qualified doctor... highly qualified therefore, and how to compare with datin seri rosmah?

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Wolf in sheepsclothes? A depressing but likely to be correct analysis.

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Tony Pua's speech on 1MDB was passionate and ofcourse unflattering to the Chairman of 1MDB (who happens also to be Prime Minister) but what do you expect from a fundraising dinner for the opposition?! Go listen at any UMNO General Assembly, see whether anything unflattering is being said about opposition leaders... and probably with much less reason than Tony Pua offered in his speech, which was a long and well-argued warning against the threat 1MDB's spiralling debt poses to Malaysian taxpayers.

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Never failing to beat the drum of fear, this learned man who ought to be impartial and above the political fray is stooping lower than could be imagined.

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Nice timing Tim! Malaysia's opposition leader may go to jail again for many years if convicted of acting on gay urges, and hopefully your announcement will give an extra impetus to the judges to prevent that from happening.

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Where to begin refuting this opinion piece? Sigh...
My gut feeling tells me it would be wasted on the author himself, who comes across as immature and too set in the old ways and views. The average TMI reader would also not learn much, since most readers already know and would readily agree with the usual refutations. So i will just hold my tongue. Kudos to TMI though for publishing this piece and reminding us, the converted, that the orthodox view is - unfortunately - still alive and kicking.

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And Im very sure Interpol had a good laugh when they heard Malaysia's request to hunt down the nudists! Hahahaha...

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The divide seems clear: most of the Asia Pacific countries widely considered as fully developed nations did take heed of the official recommendation to avoid Eastern Ukraine airspace, while the countries considered as still developing nations did not. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Korea and possibly Singapore...versus Malaysia, Thailand, China, Vietnam and India. That Malaysia finds itself here in the latter group will be a bitter reminder that full development is a long way away, with rhetoric and ambition (Mahathir's Vision 2020 in particular) not at all matching reality.

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1.8 million MyKads missing over a period of less than 4 years? You must be joking... that seems like an insane high number! I guess no real accountability there either. Well, i guess the only good thing is that we now actually know about it.