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The decision to do certain things, should be taken only from the moral perspective, not from the political. Basically the point of Justice being blindfold.

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This sort of chimes with my main theme on the NHS, which is that there is not a shortage of cash, but there is a shortage of staff. Deliberately provocative, I know, but essentially true. Whilst there are bucket loads of efficiency improvements that can be made, there are also bucket loads of efficiency improvements that CANNOT be made. Doctors need to see patients, talk to them reassure them etc. etc. likewise nurses - when we say we need informed consent productivity goes down, BUT we need informed consent. From the structure of the organisation, we get a situation where authorities are effectively bidding against each other for full time employees, contractors, locums etc. Driving costs up, but on a national level not delivering more. We try to overcome this problem by importing doctors (and, though less so, nurses) which itself becomes morally questionable when we import from countries with less medical staff per head than we have. So we must train more, and because we don't want to reduce the academic requirement of our elite doctors, we need to examine how we could use differently qualified medical professionals to take on "intermediate" roles in the NHS - probably supported by modern technology including AI.

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Don't forget that they have strategies available to them. And could put high profile names against various cabinet ministers, not to win the seat, but to oust those MPs.

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We will either own the referendum or be the victim of it. Sad, but no other approach seems feasible. Single transferable vote, one poll.

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Reluctantly, there is only one route out, without a General Election. And I know a lot on here (Russian bots and trolls for instance) will want a GE because they believe the Brexit party will win it, mainly due to the fragmented nature of the rest of the political landscape. That is a referendum, yelling and screaming and trying to take your toys home does not work and it will not work. A referendum with a single transferable vote, deal, no deal, remain. At least then there will be some attempt to explain what the consequences of each option would be. I am certain either deal or no deal would win and this whole sorry mess could be sorted out.

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Conhome must get rid of the Bots and trolls that appear to comment without reading the article (see all above). This is a very simple proposal, and whilst would need careful analysis to ensure there are no holes in the implementation, would be a massive step forwards towards a flat tax system.

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Why would they trust those that voted against the deal?

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I find this politically strange, it seems that Begum would win a court process to return to the the UK. So rather than back a looser, just pull her back and put her in prison, let the courts sort it out. If they can't then the politicians need to change the laws. I just would not have got involved.

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The objective and training of lawyers is solely to find justification for the client's position . How laws are implemented is generally a combination of politics and pragmatism. Not sure legal training makes a lawyer better at this than an educated layperson.

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I repeat again, for most service industries we pay people based on the amount of time they spend on our problem, this is true for garages, gardeners, hairdressers, taxi drivers, lawyers, accountants, cleaners, politicians etc. etc. This means that if they do the job in half the time they receive (approximately) half the money, increasing their bill feeds directly into inflation. This part of the economy CANNOT increase productivity. Yes there are edge cases, and exceptions, Amazon for instance has improved productivity in retail. So it is only the manufacturing/production industries that can improve productivity (please remember the caveats and exceptions). Manufacturing/production is only about 20% of the economy so low productivity growth at a country level is now bound in to our economic structure. To improve productivity you need to produce.