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I had to borrow my parents' computer so I can telework. They wanted us all to be teleworking last week, but my computer was too old for the programs I needed. I'll start tomorrow.

Otherwise, I'm set up good and trying not to be a hypochondriac.

I do need to buy a new Mac though. I'm debating between an iMac or another MacBook Pro. None of them have CD or DVD drives anymore, so if I want that, I'll need to get a portable one.

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*hugs* <3

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It was ridiculously good! Even the sweat pants. :p

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A beautiful tribute to Carrie Fisher:

[youtube fL75nHUigmg youtube]

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It was Ben's imagination of Han, not a real Force Ghost (didn't glow).

I guess we can go with that.

How did they?

The video I linked below details it pretty well.

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I liked seeing Lando again, even if he was just there for fan service. And I liked the woman that Finn bonds with, the other former stormtrooper. I also liked the small beat between Kylo and ghost!Han, even if that made no sense (probably was meant to be Leia but they obviously couldn't do that after Fisher passed). And I liked the message about choosing your own identity and that blood doesn't dictate who you are, even if they kind of bungled that all up.

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[youtube BD5mLw0A8vI youtube]

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What the hell was that? I defended The Last Jedi when it came out and everyone crapped on it. But I got worried when it was announce JJ was taking this movie back.

What a disjointed mess. It jumped from one scene to another with hardly any cohesion between them and there was barely time to breathe while they scrambled around trying to cram too much into too little time. Things were too conveniently provided to them right when they needed it. Kylo's change of heart wasn't earned at all. Ugh! There was stuff I liked, but I'm glad this is over.

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Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

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So excited! I may have to do a reread though. Or maybe I can go back and read Pythos's posts, lol.