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Lady lost her head, and so did Ned. :(

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See! He's been missing so long I forgot his name! :p

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Heh, there is that. But considering how much they enjoyed tormenting Bran, they definitely are finding their bad habits encouraged here.

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She'd have meals for them for weeks. Possibly months. :D

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It's not every guy who's going to bring you earrings with matching ear set. :D

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He does have the general concept down. I think he discredited himself too quickly.

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2.4 Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled

Watching Mark watch Galavant:

~Mark: “I’m so excited to watch more of this weird fucking show. This is one of the strangest things I’ve watched for Mark Watches and I love it.” Through 2.07: Naq ur unfa'g rira tbggra gb gur qjneirf, tvnagf, mbzovrf be Gnq Pbbcre lrg.
~Sorry, Isabella, that dance is going to look stupid no matter what.
~Chef, don’t throw away all that food!
~“Our glasses are full.” “We own a glass now!” You’ve moved up to the Eastside!
~Baby Madalena had blonde hair, huh?
~Wow, it is raining really hard in this scene.
~“She is like a sister. And not the kind of sister you marry.”
~“Somewhere…candlelit.” “So, pretty much anywhere.”
~And it’s still raining. I’m guessing they filmed these scenes back to back.
~Mark’s expression at the earrings, lol.

Oh, no, Madalena feelings! She’s having them, I'm having them for her. Gareth was so sweet, in the really messed up way of this show, to get her those exact same pairs of earrings. :p Those mean ladies won't be laughing at her anymore, and if they did they wouldn’t hear it. :D Ok, they’d still hear it but it would sound really weird. Gareth cares about Maddy, and Maddy’s starting to care about Gareth just a little - or at least starting to develop the ability to express gratitude. It’s a start!

Chef and Gwen have their own glass. LOL I didn’t grow up poor like Gwen and Chef (whatever his real name is) so I don’t have any qualms tossing food when it starts to go bad. But tossing perfectly good food? Dude, other people can eat that! Food doesn’t just grow on trees you know! … You know what I mean. Chef is so sweet to leave when Gwen can’t handle the good life anymore, packing up their apple for her. (Don’t forget your cup!)

Richard, you doofus! Roberta likes you. Galavant can only do so much here, man. Though at least Richard correctly figured out what Galavant was doing, so that’s a step in the right direction for Capt Oblivious too.

I love that Roberta’s this amazing fighter and swordswoman and it’s not commented on at all. Looks like she paid a lot more attention to all those fighting lessons than Richard did when they were growing up together.

I hope the Jewel of Valencia got a nice thorough cleaning. o_0

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Chapter 13 - Bran

This is going to be brief, because it's Thursday night, I’m exhausted and not much really happened in this chapter.

Bran and them are still freezing their tushies off, they’re still starving and they’re still traveling. Now they’re at the bottom of a steep hill, it’s near nightfall and turns out the frost zombies have heat-seeking powers and will come right after anything alive. Gee, Coldhands, that info would’ve been helpful earlier!

Up the hill is a cave with magic sigils that’ll keep the nasty beasties, including Coldhands, from going inside, so all they have to do is reach it. Of course, they have no elk, having eaten it when it couldn’t go on any longer, Jojen’s sick and can barely stand up, and Meera and Hodor are near the end of their strength. So reaching the magically-sealed cave up an extremely steep hill over only 1000 yards (that's a little more than half a mile, or nearly of whole kilometer) in the mere minutes they have before they’re assailed should be no problemo!

Except it’s totally a problemo because the wights were hiding under the snow near the cave. Ambush! They’re attacked, Hodor has no idea how to deal with all this, and Summer’s even got his hands - paws - full dealing with the attackers. Bran slips out of himself and goes into Hodor to get him up and moving, but that leaves Bran vulnerable. Summer stands over Bran’s body until Bran can get back inside it. Someone sets the wights on fire, and everyone miraculously reaches the cave. Except Coldhands, who shall not pass.

Bran mistakes the girl who set the wights on fire as Arya, but knows Arya’s either far away or dead. He realizes the girl is actually a Child of the Forest. She tells them how she traveled for 200 years, observing people, but then returned home when her feet got sore and her heart weary. She says she will lead them down to the greenseer.

They go and find a whole forest of weirwoods growing underground. They finally reach the pale lord in ebon finery who makes Skeletor look healthy by comparison. The pale lord tells Bran he’s been watching him for years, since his birth actually, and his father before him.

Bran asks if he’ll fix his legs and is told no, but the pale lord tells him that he’ll learn to fly.

Then the chapter ends and I still don’t know if one of these guys is the ever-missing and elusive Brandon Stark. Gah! Or if Coldhands is helping of his own free will or if he’s warg-controlled somehow.

So teach Bran to fly and all that, but please feed these poor kids first. Jojen’s barely holding on.

And I'm falling asleep at my keyboard so I’ll try to think of more things to say about this chapter after I get some sleep.

And now I slept in longer than normal and don't really have time for deep thoughts. So again, very briefly:

The action was extremely well written, and I'm quite surprised they all survived. That’s the most fantasy-tripe thing that has happened in this series yet. Probably because Martin knows we're all waiting for Jojen’s inevitable death, so he’s having fun teasing us.

Summer defending Bran’s body - see, this is why I wish at least one of the remaining Starks will realize that Bran and Rickon, wherever the frell he is, have to still be alive because Summer and Shaggy wouldn’t let anything hurt them while they still have breath.

An actual forest child at last! And the Children have walked among us, huh? Interesting.

And now I need to get ready for work. If I think of more to say, I'll post later.

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It's been mentioned a few times already that Harry is paying for the wedding.

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2.3 Aw, Hell, the King

Watching Mark watch Galavant:

~That’s a lot of crowns.
~Maybe don’t call them “lowly ones.”
~Democracy! Yay?
~Mark: “I was not ready for this.”
~“I’m make sure you get a wrinkle. And you neck!” That was pretty clear, Madalena, but thanks for following up with more definite terms. You’ve got the making of a good leader under all that evil selfishness.
~Maybe you shouldn’t embroider your sheets with the hairs of the gingers.
~“I would hit the thing with the other thing until it became a different thing.”
~Mmmm, chocolate cake.
~What a festive evil plot/plan/scheme song.
~Baby fights?????!
~The bad dreams song is so adorable.

Yes, you got ONE follower! But it’s a follower who chose to follow you, so that’s better than all the followers who had to follow you just because. (V inthryl erpnyy Eboregn abg orvat nyy fur nccrnef gb or.)

Sounds like the gingers aren’t any better off under this new democracy system than when Richard was in charge, since they don’t get to vote. … Or the women, or the poor, or anyone else who isn’t a white straight male.

Aww, Sid helped Gareth get some sleep and talk about his guilt - which Gareth should totally feel for taking his best friends’ everything away from him. As Sid points out though, it is good that Gareth can feel such guilt because he recognizes on some level that what he did was wrong and feels bad about it.

Enter the wedding planner and his hapless assistant. He just sang his evil plot and none of them heard. How? Now Isabella’s under the power of the brainwashing crown, and her parents don’t care that she’s not acting like herself. They’re just happy to be getting a free wedding. If they weren’t so lovable, they’d be horrible. Isabella, you don’t want to marry your underaged cousin. Stop it!