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Meanwhile, dysentery continues to prove its not your friend by spreading further through the city and the Yunkai’i, and people are shunning the public areas so the city is nearly vacant. But Hizdahr is still throwing his pit fights, poorly attended though they may be.

He goes off to meet Shavepate that night, telling himself that if Skahaz starts talking treason against Hizdahr, he’ll have no choice but to arrest him - and then wonders if that’s really true since Dany never gave him any such order or established any such rules before taking off into the blue.

Skahaz tells him he has the poisoner, who was Hizdahr’s confectioner. The Sons of Harpy took his daughter, promising to return her unharmed once Dany was dead, but now his daughter was returned to him in nine pieces, one for each of her years. He bemoans Dany didn’t march on Astapor, since that would’ve prevented all this. They knew she wanted peace, too much, and used that fact. Now she’s gone, the Yunish supreme commander is dead, and Hizdahr’s peace is a sham. Now Volantis has launched ships for them, and he predicts that Hizdahr will open the gates wide for them and all freedpeople will be enslaved again, and perhaps even some who had never been slaves.

Skahaz says they can’t wait for Dany’s return and urges Barristan to talk to Grey Worm. They need the Unsullied if they’re going to overthrow Hizdahr, and the Yunkai’i will be easy to defeat now, lulled into a sense of false security by the peace; they’ve become lazy and drunk. Plus they’ve had their numbers cut from the dysentery spreading through their camps.

Barristan isn’t certain about this, saying that Dany signed that peace Skahaz means to break. Skahaz points out that Dany would want them to protect her city and her children, which Barristan can’t dispute. He promises to help, but says that Hizdahr cannot be killed or harmed, not until he’s tried as Dany’s poisoner. He also wants to talk to the confectioner, even though he already suspects Hizdahr is guilty as hell.

Skahaz agrees not to kill Hizdahr - yet - and Barristan agrees to talk to Grey Worm.

And I’m sure we’re all surprised that Hizdahr was behind the poisoned locusts, and by extension also part of the Sons of Harpy. I mean, really, how could we ever have predicted that? *rolls eyes* I’m still boggled that Dany never seriously considered it, at least the Harpy thing. She might not know about the poisoning yet, since Belwas could’ve been spewing for carnage-related reasons. She didn’t stick around long enough to see he was also throwing up blood, unless that part came later, after his stomach lining came up.

As for these ships from Volantis, these could be slavers, or maybe the red priests finally convinced the slaves to take up arms against their oppressors. This might not necessarily be the train wreck Skahaz is predicting. Still, given where they are and the political climate, it’s better to be safe than sorry and always assume the worst. Unseating Hizdahr and taking down the Yunkish armies is a solid Plan A. And the faster the better.

Also, Skahaz is a cat - because they go everywhere and no one notices them. Reminds me of another little “Cat” who just recently got her eyesight back. Besides, cats are just cool. They’re going to take over the world one day, so we better get used to bowing down to our overlords now. ;) 🐱



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Chapter 55 - The Queensguard

What the hell?!! Why do people assume Dany’s dead? Just because they see Drogon flying over Dothraki without her doesn’t mean she’s dead. She can’t ride Drogon 24/7. I mean, chaffing aside, it’s just not practical.

I do have to wonder why she hasn’t returned to Meereen yet though. Is she in another shame spiral because Drogon killed all those people as they were getting away? Drogon was being fired on! Which means she was also being fired on! She was actually almost poisoned, but she didn’t eat the honeyed locusts that are now slowly killing Belwas. And oh yeah, Selmy might say he’ll defend Hizdahr as his duty to the crown, but he had his doubts even before meeting with the Shavepate and having it kind of confirmed, or if not confirmed then reinforced.

How much time has passed exactly anyway? It’s not mentioned, but Hizdahr sure is doing a lot of moving and shuffling in Dany’s absence. The Shavepate’s no longer in charge - officially anyway - of the Brazen Beasts, the Unsullied are sulking in their barracks, the Yunkai’i still have their hostages, Rakharo and Aggo and the rest of her khalasar are out looking for Dany, which leaves Barristan more or less on his own. Missandei’s still around, but she’s been replaced too as herald. Now Barristan is being replaced by Hizdahr’s pit fighters as kingsguard.

Hizdahr doesn’t have total control though. The Unsullied refuse to fight for him, saying they're free and take commands only from their mother. Half the Brazen Beasts are also freedmen, and the other half are still loyal to Skahaz. All Hizdahr really has are his pit fighters, and four against thousands aren’t good odds. So it’s good to see that he’s not just automatically exalted as King of Us just cause he married Dany, even if he feels that’s all he needed to secure his throne.

Barristan will still be expected to train the troops though, which he thinks wise. The pit fighters might be good at fighting, but that doesn’t make them good at combat or command.

I don’t like seeing Barristan feeling his years, though. It’s as if that moment of hesitation when Dany slipped his grasp and ran out to Drogon was a breaking point for him, and he now sees himself as Ser Grandfather whereas he didn’t before. He’s also going down his own guilt spiral about the kings and queens who have died in his time as Kingsguard, and even wondering if he should have done something to protect the realm from Aegon V’s madness. He realizes now that saving Aegon might have been his finest hour but it also doomed the kingdoms to the mess they’re in now. Which is not true of course, we all know that, but he’s not being perspective guy right now.

Missandei finds him in his apartments and tells him that a Brazen Beast approached her with a message from Skahaz, who wants to meet that night to speak in private. Speaking of Missandei, while I’m feeling sorry for people, she’s all alone in the queen’s chambers, since the cupbearers/hostages are with the king, and Irri and Jhiqui went off with the other Dothraki. She’s just as worried about Dany as Barristan is and she has even less options available to her if Dany never comes back, unless Barristan takes her under his wing.


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1.14 TKO

I’m not sure why this needed to be moved around in the viewing order. There don’t seem to be any continuity reasons for the move, and it loses momentum off the last episode.

Ivanova’s uncle was nice, and I loved seeing her get support from Sinclair and her uncle as she mourned her father’s passing from earlier in the season.

Smith’s story reminded me a lot of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, though in reverse, kind of. Lee got a lot of flack for teaching foreigners martial arts, since it was forbidden at the time. But he was eventually able to win the right to teach martial arts to whoever wanted to learn. Smith fought, literally, for the right to fight mutai, which is forbidden to humans, and eventually is allowed to do so and he fights well. Now all humans can fight mutai. So, that’s cool I guess.

Pretty meh episode overall. It not for Ivanova’s parts, there wouldn’t be anything here worth watching.

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I only watched this one time and remember being mostly disappointed with it. The only scene I really remember is the lead gremlin doing an interview about how they're not civilized and he shoots another gremlin to make his point.

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Well, I hope Daddy Tyrell does better than ole Boleyn did, because that would suck.

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Would an oliphaunt trampling actually have hurt the WK though? It was Merry's blade that broke the spells protecting the WK, which allowed Eowyn to kill him. An oliphaunt would have just been unpleasant. :D

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But then he could have literally been bored to death. Which would have been a lot less painful than being boared to death.

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The couple of times that the rumors of dragons were brought up during her time on the Small Council, she disregarded them. If she doesn't know about Dany, that means Varys never told her and no one else would've been inclined.

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I also doubt very much that the High Septon's going to quibble over the chain of events that got him his Faith Militant though. =/

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Sex out of wedlock = illegitimate children = no heirs, so that is a no-no for her, much as that sucks. The solution is to have succession through the female line, but that would make too much sense. Or do as some countries do and have any child born during the marriage the legal child of the husband, whether they're legitimate or not.

As much as I would love for all of Cersei's sins to be exposed and for her to answer for all of them, that's unlikely to ever happen. So whatever gets her sent down to the gallows, I'm happy with it. But the men who stand accused better face the same consequences!

More Cersei is the last thing the realm needs. She's done enough damage - and she doesn't even see how much harm her and her awful son have done!