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I clicked, expecting some try-hard cover of the Ghostbusters theme with Mario references placed throughout.

I was pleasantly surprised.

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I'd ask "who?", but that would help prove your point.

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This is most certainly appalling. Can't the world see how machines are taking over the jobs of humans? First, automated assembly lines, then ATMs, and now holograms that teabag in place of real soldiers.

I miss the good ol' days, Halolz. When men were men, and teabagging was done with pride and purpose, not necessity and custom. When we lose our own lewd display of dominance and authority to the holograms, we lose our own humanity.

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All jokes, puns, and comment filler aside, I haven't laughed so hard at a TF2 video in a long time.

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Don't worry, Mr. Vault Hunter! There's ALWAYS money available for you at the First National Bank of Pandora.

+We're always available for quick and easy withdrawals! Just look for any of our 20,000 green-lit withdrawal boxes, in the form of chests, safes, toilets, mailboxes, and garbage dumpsters! Our safe and secure system is safe from any and all NPCs who would've never thought to open unlocked safes.

+Have friends or mutual enemies? No problem! Our patented instant transfer system benefits all party members! Even lazy and incompetent teammates are rewarded for their idleness!

+Fast, easy way to gain money! (and lose that gain immediately when you die!)

+Economy shnonomy! Just leave an area and come back, and more piles of unmarked bills will be waiting for you. It's just like having infinite money! Only without the inflation! Hooray for consequence-free capitalism!

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It's not that we're upset about you not playing Borderlands, but your comment didn't really contribute much in entertainment or even purpose.

Still, sympathy +1s.

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