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2. Stay on topic.
3. No ad hominem attacks.

Go ahead and reply so you can have the last word, I'm done with this 'conversation'...

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No, you actually gave me another opening to point out some of the many levels of your hypocrisy.

No need to call you names in return since your own words say more about you than I would bother to...

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You're a funny guy Tashtego.

No, I haven't forgotten about your other account. Yes, I still have piles of evidence from when you went on your nasty little campaign against onecornpone. You remember - calling her stuff like the Wh*re of Babylon and the like. You didn't really have a valid reason to do that that I could see, so I just figured HPD played you.

It's a good thing that you're a Christian that turns the other cheek, forgives and forgets and moves on with life. It's also nice that you're not excessively judgmental since you wouldn't want to be judged by others for your past sins.

Have a nice day...

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"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. When there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." - Atlas Shrugged

Let us also consider the SCOTUS decision written by "Learned Hand" (an obvious misnomer) in an ancient 'anti-trust' case against ALCOA:

"It was not inevitable that it should always anticipate increases in the demand for ingot and be prepared to supply them. Nothing compelled it to keep doubling and redoubling its capacity before others entered the field. It insists that it never excluded competitors; but we can think of no more effective exclusion than progressively to embrace each new opportunity as it opened, and to face every newcomer with new capacity already geared into a great organization, having the advantage of experience, trade connections and the elite of personnel."

Don't you DARE be the best that you can be - it isn't fair...

A government of lawlessness...

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Isn't impersonating an agent of the Federal Government a felony? At least a misdemeanor?

The prison cell door should be slamming shut on this one.

Nah, there ain't no double-standard, is there?

Banana Republic here we come...

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Properly played (American violence, European elegance), hockey is the greatest team sport on Earth. Ice. Puck. Skates. Sticks... Skill required for being so far removed from the "ball". Goalies have to be better than the best pitchers in baseball and defense is crucial. What other major sport leaves a team short-handed for two minutes (1/30th!) of the game for a minor penalty?

Been there, heard that in person in 2010:

Missed by ONE game as I had purchased a game 5 ticket. Going to Philly was out of the question as I value my life...


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That one must be a HuffPo reject. Seen that tactic thousands of times and you pegged it right. Shift, change, deny, lie...

Only disagreement I have with your comment is that it was elitist collectivists and the low info dupes that put Emperor O on the throne. The combination of greed and ignorance that the Left always tries to project on its opponents. Real Capitalists are a tiny minority and practically powerless.

Hawks won 4-2 over L.A., if you care... NHL and NFL are the best sports leagues IMO...

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I hope you read this all since it is actually pertinent to this wildly off-topic discussion.

First: I apologize for calling your kids brats. It was wrong. They are innocent children. I am sorry.

Second: I did have kind words for you a long time ago. We had a brief discussion over the course of a few days back in 2010 around the end of June/beginning of July. I referred you to a natural healer for some of your ailments and described some of my own along with the results I got from doing it "God's way". I had sincerely hoped you would try the same approach and get similarly positive results. His name was Richard Schulze, in case you forgot. Read and judge for yourself as to the efficacy of his approach. Oh, and he is a big believer in God...

Third: Your friend L4S really only came onto my radar when he proved to be a persistent bully toward me for expressing TEA party views against the RINO establishment. He messed with the wrong person and garbage followed thereafter. We seemed to have put it to bed except on rare occasions, and I do think HPD/multiple alias 'man' was quite an effective instigator. I have more thoughts on that, but my purpose is that we all get along through either mutual respect or just plain ignoring each other. Both can work just fine.

Fourth: You, OCP and a few other ladies had a morning ritual for quite some time over at the BB OT that was quite enjoyable. I remember Hobbes, Sisty, TP1234 and a few others were there most days. I have no evidence, but I think a subversive did his best to cause problems there as well. You are free to guess as to whom I think it might have been...

Fifth: I am not "back pedaling" in the least. I don't need ANYONE to back me up. In the interests of peace I will stop there...

Last? You think me to be some godless atheist? Fine, whatever...I'm more of a skeptic that questions religious dogma and can't abide the contradictions I find. It doesn't mean that there is no value there... Perhaps some reflection on your part (as I have already done so far as you and L4S are concerned) on the "deadly sins" of Wrath and Pride are in order. Since we differ on how this all started it might also be useful to consider that whomever cast the first stone is less important than it is for all to stop throwing rocks.

I have offered peace with both of you all throughout this thread and never once used 'guest' or any other alias to disparage either of you. Your own conversations have not met that standard where I, OCP or CL are concerned. I have no control and little influence over either of them, but I highly doubt either of them cares to waste precious life arguing over inanities with either of you. People differ, oh well...

Let's share this place without ruining it for others. It can be done if we are all willing...

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He also apparently has a defective memory since I have been at this for less than three and a half years. Or perhaps I am being exonerated?

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No thanks. There will be peace - or at least detente'. Maybe some of the good people that got driven away by the BS at other sites will come here if they see that it is one where we respect those we disagree with and ignore those we truly don't care for. Three-plus years of garbage is enough...