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Many donated things, particularly clothes end up in poor countries like Haiti where they ruin the local clothing industry because people would rather wear clothes that look American.

A lot of donated objects do end up in landfill, because they are too worn or shabby to resell.

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I stopped myself from reading Ursula le Guin's The Dispossessed when I was seven because it had the word "crap" in it.

I'd just finished The Wizard of Earthsea, and had expected it to more like that.

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Lots of people boycotted sugar as part of the abolitionist movement in early 19th Century Europe. I think there might even be a reference to it in Mansfield Park.

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I'm really looking forward to the year 2120 when a couple will attempt to recreate life in the 1980s based only on the remaining editions of Cosmo and Playboy that are available to them.

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"You questioned capitalism and the class system, if only for a moment."


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OMG. What did I just read?

There were some really over extended metaphors about being part of a herd, and somehow it all made sense.

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The Elizabethans could turn just about anything into a term for genitalia.

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Oh, wow,

Your writing is haunting.

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This is so beautifully written. I love how you intertwine reflections on your own relationship, and how we all, throughout our lives, " we all end up ‘aping’ our genders."

My only problem now is that I can't decide whether I want to leap right in and re-read Gaudy Night, or to re-read the four books with Harriet Vane and Peter Wimsey in order.