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'62 Opel Rekford P2! Only $1800! Pics are terrible, but still - Opel Rekford

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Comparing ANY athlete, regardless of their sport, across generations is impossible.

Would Vettel be as successful if he was transported back in time to drive a Fangio car? Probably not.

But, conversely, if you placed Jack Brabham in a modern car, would he have the requisite skill to drive the car AND control all the modern tech at the same time?

The idea is the same - be the first to finish the race; but, the game itself has changed.

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1979 Scorpion Whip with a 340 JLO? No, scratch that. 1977 Ski-Doo RV with 340 Rotax

oh wait, this isn't 'Mystery Snowmobile' is it?

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I should have added that I've never actually followed my own advice and have NEVER made a concession on my specific wants/needs - going so far as having to wait an extra 3 months for my last truck to be built.

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If buying used, don't fall in love with a very specific vehicle. So many instances where somebody absolutely HAD to have say a white diamond LTZ Tahoe with tan leather interior, sunroof and rear bucket seats. Well, if they'd have been ok with a charcoal gray interior, or rear bench or something a little less specific it would have saved them a considerable amount of time and money.

Always, always be willing to walk away.

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You're right. No fleet sales (we were a small, small dealer) and we would only sell 2 or 3 W/Ts a year, but they were always extended cabs or crew cabs. We sold a LOT of trucks to businesses (back in the days when the depreciation write offs were really beneficial) but strangely enough, for the most part, the farmers, electricians, contractors and plumbers all wanted fully loaded LTs. The higher the sticker, the quicker they seemed to move.

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This isn't necessarily a new phenomenon. A decade ago when I worked for a Chevrolet dealer, about 75% of our new vehicle sales were pickups. In the 4+ years I was there, I can recall we sold exactly 2 regular pickups. 1 was a complete stripper W/T sold to a seed company, so in reality, we sold 1 regular cab Silverado.

My observations may be entirely regional however, as I can also recall in that time we only sold 1 pickup that wasn't 4 wheel drive.

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Those damn child seats!

When I was a kid (well before car seats or even seat belt laws), my family rode quite contentedly 4 across on a bench seat '73 F-150 and then a bench seat '81 Dodge Ram.
Present day, I had to trade in a perfectly good '05 Dodge Ram quad-cab for an F-150 Supercrew because the backseat wasn't big enough for car seats. It gets quite tiresome to have to keep threatening to "pull over if you don't stop kicking the back of my seat!"

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full transfer case with 2/4 hi/4low and it's a lot less coin than a Polaris Ranger

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Not a real common item up here in the hinterlands (or at least in the middle of winter) but here's a sweet little Suzuki Carry - the engine's under the seat so that must make it a cab over right?

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