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Question: How do you tell a leftist is lying? Answer: Their mouth is open.

The fact is fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is NOT new- it has been in use since the late 1940's. What is new is the virulent eco- Marxist response to the results of teaming fracking with advances in horizontal drilling- abundant, reasonably priced natural gas, abundant, reasonably priced natural gas that is the final nail in coffin of the already dead corpse known as "green energy". As one pundit so accurately put it, "alternative" energy is exactly that- an alternative TO energy. Good for show and deceiving the masses but as for actually cost effectively creating energy in large enough amounts when people actually need it "green energy" is a joke and inexpensive natural gas is the final stake through the heart of the leftist "green energy" narrative. The eco- Marxists will do everything possible, legal and otherwise, to deprive the U.S. and the world of this inexpensive, abundant natural gas. Good on "FrackNation" for setting the record straight.

A good overview and history of fracking here:

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"He was many things, a journalist, a pundit, a provocateur. Above all, he was a happy warrior in the battle of ideas."

Well said, Mr. Healy. Andrew Breitbart left some pretty big shoes to fill but I see those "many things" in folks like you and the MacIver Institute. A big tip of the hat to all of you at the MacIver Institute for all the work you do. In this part of Wisconsin "news" (what little there is) comes from the Twin Cities and your pieces at times seem like a broadcast from Radio Free Europe to someone behind the liberal "Iron Curtain".

Keep up the good work.

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Mary has to remember who she is dealing with-- a leftist and a moral relativist. "Good for me but not for thee" is the motto. Savage is the man who wrote, "Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy" trashing the Bush administration. He got the title right but the wrong president- Obama makes Bush look like Thomas Jefferson yet Savage is strangely quiet. Apparently Fast and Furious, linked to 200 murders in Mexico.and at least 11 crimes here in the United States including the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry count's for little; the Holder puff piece is the best we can expect from the likes of Savage. Rest assurred, if the sitting president had an (R) after his name Savage would be hot on the case, a real life Buford T. Justice.

Savage is to "journalism" what Larry Flynt is to the Bible.

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Good job by Mr. Huston but it should not end here- the Edwards story has a very real possibility of being another 'Fast and Furious' considering Edward's connections. This is only a portent of what is to come for Scott Walker, the eventual Republican presidential nominee and conservative candidates across the nation. As the Edwards story makes clear, the left will use any and all means, legal or otherwise, to win .....

"The third rule of ethics of means and ends is that in war the end justifies almost any means...." -- Saul Alinsky

...... and conservatives are still playing by Marquess of Queensberry rules. It's past time for the gloves to come off and rub their collective "progressive"/ MSM/ democratic / Marxist faces in it- force them to be judged by the standards by which they judge others.

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"Inside of many liberals is a fascist struggling to get out"-- John McCarthy .

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I believe the tide is turning. The overreach of this administration has become too much even for the Supreme Court to ignore. This case, Obamacare with its insurance purchase mandate, Fast and Furious, the green energy "investments" such as Solyndra, the ignoring of the War Powers Act, the unconstitutional recess appointments ... ad infinitum, have made a mockery of our Constitution and have reduced it to little more than a doormat for the "progressive" Marxist Welcome Wagon. We can trace much of what ails our nation back to FDR, his big government programs and his attempt to pack the Supreme Court. We can only hope that this is the start of a great pushback against an overreaching federal government, a government that even gave itself the power to regulate school bake sales.

The Obama administration is to our Constitution what the deposit the neighbor's dog left is to your front lawn. November can not come soon enough.

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Well done,Eileen!!

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Grayson had a ad that would pop up when I'd come to the Bigs ....... "demonic" is the only way to describe his pic ...... and his brand of politics.

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"Martin Bashir and those on the left play the race card like the finely tuned instrument they have turned it into.."

I'm not sure it's a "finely tuned instrument", unbiased ......... it's more like karaoke night, they've had a few too many under their belt and they know only one tune. Anyplace else they'd be yanked offstage but the MSM owns the club.

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If you want to know what a "progressive" really thinks, just listen ot what he/she accuses others of. P Diddy of all people must have noticed that too- after an interview with Bashir he called him "racist" ........