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1st. Here in California, we put tax upon a tax. The evil oil corps make 6 to 9 cents per gallon of gas sold here. The Federal Government makes 18 cent, State of Kalifornia (Republic of) make 19 cents. Add the cost of the gas together with the tax and then tax the gas and the tax with a sales tax of right at 8 percent. 8% of 2.50 is far less then 8% of 3.80
2nd. I am not sure there are any workers left to lay off in California. We are at about 18 to 23 percent un-employment here.
3rd. Best advice I have been given. If you have to lay off venders and additional employees. Lay off those who voted for Obummer 1st. Those whom vote for Dumbocrats 2nd. Those who do not vote at all 3rd.

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Do you really USE OBUMMERS name in the same post as Reagan? Obummer is an economic Dunce. Hands down the worst President we have had in my life time. Guess you would find Carl Marx reassuring also? Birds of a feather .............

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Carl Marx Obummer Voters will never figure any of this out for themselves. The News Media does find high Energy prices important but ONLY when an (R) is following the name of the President.
High Energy Prices are Good for the Carl Marx Poverty Plantation Dumbocrats. In the short term the higher energy prices go the more Sales Tax paid is by Consumers to States like California. Long Term the Higher Energy Prices go the more Middle Class Americans lose their jobs and move onto the Poverty Plantation of Social Justice and Fairness.

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First half of the debate I thought Paul won, Newt 2nd, Rick S. 3rd and Romney 4th. Second half I thought Newt won, Rick took 2nd, Paul 3rd and Romney 4th.

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So much for that silly Trump endorsement thinggy!

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Bush did a good job right up until he became the best President Mexico ever had. At that point he turned his back on the oath he took to up hold the Constitution. That was also the point he lost credibility with conservatives. This being said. At least Bush had a basic understanding of the US Economy unlike Obummer the economic Dunce holding Office today.

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I will not vote for anyone in the 2012 election cycle if Romney wins the Nomination. Bush over Steve flipping Forbes? Dole? McShamnesty? and now Romney? The Republican Party is to the left side of JFK. We are Democrats and the Democrats of the past are now Socialists with a Marxist bent.
At this point it does not matter if we have a RINO or Obummer. All we can do is let it crash out and look to rebuild the Country and our economy at some point in the future.

The Establishment Republicans and the Socialist Democrats have thrown our Constitution in the dumpster and we have laws for the Rich, Famous, Illegal Aliens and waiting down at window 27 are those of us who have been flipping the bills for all of this.

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I was for Bachmann but will be happy with Santorum, then Paul, will hold my nose for Newt. I will not vote for another RINO like Romney. With Obummer we go broke quick and with Romney we bleed from a thousand cuts. Go RICK!

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Yes the Dumbocrats suck. With the help of Talking Head RINOs like Mike Medved and Hugh Hewitt pimping for the Doles, Bush, McShamnesty and Romneys. The Republicans suck too.

Have to hand it to the Establishment Folks.

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I will NOT vote for another RINO period. The Republican Establishment has dumped Dole, Bush and McShamnesty onto Conservatives and WE must accept some responsibility for the mess this Country is in. Enough of the Bullsh;t already. Restore our Constitution and fix our Country PERIOD!