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I'm glad Roman gets to be himself on twitter, as I think the micro management of creative makes more problems than it solves.

90% of the big stars in wrestling were themselves, just turned up to 11, guys from Dusty to Bret.

Ditch the script writers and let the talent shine.

That and it took him an hour and a half to reply.

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Midnight vultures is better than marshall mathers, imo.

That said neither is half as good as Let It Come Down.

Midnight is a great sound track to gta.

Nicotine & Gravy is perfect for that game.

That's just me, you keep enjoying marshall mathers, but Steely Dan are overrated.

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Lex was a multi time US champ and former World champion in WCW.

He most definitely was a star in WCW before he returned. He left WCW to be the face of World Bodybuilding Federation.

The WBF folded and he returned to wrestling and because of the huge contract he was on Vince tried to push him to the moon.

But the fact is he was a star before he left to work for WBF or the WWF.

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Give it to Ryan Ward. He's doing a cracking job on NxT and I would like to see what he could do with Raw.

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Becky lead, Charlotte followed. She has improved over the last couple of months, she started awful and has made her way to average.

In a year or two she might end up as the next Lisa Marie Varon or Nora Benshoof, but right now she is the 3rd or 4th best diva on nXt, and 5th or 6th in the WWE in general.

Kinda hope they realise the standard of the divas is rising and give them more air time.

Honestly she could be any ones daughter and that would be my view.

Eva and Lacy are the two worst women wrestlers that I have been unlucky enough to watch, and Charlotte passed that level months ago.
I happen to think others are better right now.

Good column, btw. You and Doc are the best two columnist at the mo.

Thanks for the response.

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"Charlotte looked excellent in the best match on the card tonight". Becky Lynch carried Charlotte, who is a great athlete, but an average worker, not Lacy von Eric bad, but not great. Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch are all better in the ring plus Banks and Bayley are v.solid on the mic.

Breeze was on fire, good match and great mic work. The true MVP, imo.

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I agree with you. Mental illness is a terrible thing, I just wish the wrestlers had to have head trauma checked every couple of months. No one can take head injuries day in, day out.

Mick Foley can't go on roller coaster because head trauma, Bret Hart's career was ended, in part, due to head trauma.

I am not saying Benoit was completely innocent, just there is doubt on whether he had control of his actions.

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Totally agree, other than the choice of Charlotte (Lacey Von Erich mk2). Sasha Banks should be pushed instead.

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Sean O'Haire and Waylon Mercy.

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No. There was a police inquiry when people came forward.

His friends lied and covered up. The police missed evidence. Esther Rantzen proved she is scum.

But it was innocent until proven guilty.

They stopped lying when he died.