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The video is gone from youtube

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All mouth. He is one of those guys that mouths off on the CB Radio and then hides from it at the truckstop.

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I think the real question to the big spenders is Why do you think you need more money? Then we should point out the quantitative easing is the government taking money from us and giving it to themselves. That is a tax increase of everyone, including the poor.
You have a Natural law Right to the Fruits of your labor. The government is overrun with thieves that need to be prosecuted.
I am not anti-government.
I AM anti-corrupt-government

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Community organizing...Do we have to wonder?

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I went to Senator Cardin's health care Town hall this week. One guy asked him why he thought he had the right to violate his constitutional rights by forcing him to carry health insurance. Cardin said he gave it a lot of thought before deciding to violate the Constitutional Rights (paraphrased).

The thing I found most disturbing was the repeated attempts to tell people that President Obama was "not" for a single payer health care. I am suspect most people here are familiar with what Obama has said, but for those that do not here is the link to the speech at the AFL-CIO. You can go to youtube and search "Obama single payer" and find it very easy.

It seems to me Cardin is a liar or he is uninformed. But he made this comment three or four times. It was as he had a message to put out for the supreme leaders.

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Will Atlanta have twice as many registered voters than they have citizens?

We need to nip this stuff in the bud. How would you protect the integrity of the election?

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Michele Bachmann's ACORN Petition. She needs signatures.

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Go to the website. on the right of the page it says "In The News". On June 4th it says "Sign the petition..." At the bottom of that block it says "read more"

Sorry to take so long to reply. Went to see Glenn in Richmond.

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Congressman Michele Bachmann was on Mark Levin tonight. She is asking us to go to
to sign the petition she has to stop Taxpayer dollars from going to ACORN.

Thanks. ..

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So, Where is Sandy Berger these days?