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This debate sends women back to the dark ages. My generation and generations before me have fought for the rights and freedom of women to choose "to have or not to have children." This is the reason for birth control. End of story. It is time women supported one another for making a decision. Not simply because you think it is right or wrong but because we are mothers, sisters and friends.

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There is clearly a bias and an ignorance shown in some of the commentaries posted towards civil servants. I believe one must walk a mile in another's shoes to totally understand the conditions in which we work. Not all civil servants are created equal. The same can be said about private sector employees. There are good and bad employees in both. I am a retired civil servant and very fortunate to have benefited from a good pension. I agree that private sector employees do not enjoy the same level of job security or benefits. In fact some private sector companies are quietly making demands of employees that would make public sector employees cringe. I do not support this strike. Many unions are making concessions in order to retain jobs. It is ludicrous to be demanding the payout of unused sick days at this time. Most public and private employees do not enjoy this benefit . Has this union lost their mind? This is the worst economic downturn since the great depression. Do they have any idea how many people have lost their jobs, benefits and savings? I believe Mayor Miller should privatize garbage pick up for City of Toronto.