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It's still a good game, not much has changed. All the new champions added in the past 4 months are interesting. Ahri is still high tier even after a nerf. Doesn't have a lot of counters.

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I can do Lee sin and Nunu. As well as Hecarim, Diana, Olaf, Nocturne and Jarvan. Haven't picked up Udyr yet but I've played him a couple times.

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I wouldn't just watch. I'd help you learn
(warning) Me helping people involves running around as Hecarim slaughtering the easy bots.

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Wow I haven't commented in awhile. And yes I know it's just a shameless plug in post. So I will respond with a shameless plug in of my own.
My Summoner is Fuzzy Alfalfa and if I could get my hands on a Arcade Sona Card that would be just peachy.

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Except for the part where that is from Teen's react, which was stupid and showed the ignorance of the teens involved.

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Can't tell if you are joking or if you are unfamiliar with the term "man" being used to represent "mankind" or "humanity".

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Garrus Drums
Wrex Keyboard
Tali Vocals
James Back up dancer

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Where the Xin Zhao screams are from.

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I'll just leave this here.

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I think Giovanni would make a better Republican candidate. Look how supportive he is of lesbian relationships, like the one Jesse and Jamie has. I still wished I had seen more than that one episode of pokemon though.