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I was going to post the Mazda 787b Le Mans winner but I have to vote the Lamborghini Countach from the opening of Cannonball Run. The double clutching, WOT sound is just wonderful.

[youtube -eU8j4MeJ4I youtube]

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Ahh I see someone found my cat. No I don't want the little bastard back I have enough scar tissue.

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I'm pretty sure the whole very public, very photographed crash of of flight 4590 pretty much sealed the Concorde's fate. Even though it was really caused by an air jalopy DC-10. Just the PR alone gave BA and AF the excuse they needed to discontinue use of these beautiful aircraft.

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Guy with arms behind his back: Uhhh... do I have to pay for that?
Guy with arms folded: Yup.

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Nothing, not a NAS not even coal, NO-THING.

Meanwhile I just caught my wife spending another $60 on makeup.

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Oh yea I remember this one. (The FC at the beginning sucked me in) but I only got about 7 minutes in before I couldn't stand it no more.

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Call me a fool but...

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Actually what I'm planning to do is to just CL whatever appliances I will need. There are still plenty of flippers out there that are tossing out perfectly good appliances because they think people only want granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. As long as the stuff works and is reliable I'll have no problem having mismatched appliances.

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Looking to buy my first house in a few months but I'm not looking forward to sourcing new appliances if I need to. Seems like everything built in the last 5 years or so is complete garbage.

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I love the cold
I tend to be pretty powerful for my size
I weigh more than I should
Things break when I step on them