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Antidote: I do not think that this site is a proper place for the phrase "silly post menopausal hag...napolitano."

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I agree. And that's why it's Example #583 of this administration's inability to understand the American people. One could not have invented a more risible title for a policy than that; it's guaranteed to elicit hilarious comments throughout the blogosphere.

The deep thinkers in Washington will inevitably come up with such occasions for ridicule so long as they are required to avoid two truths: a) that the enemy is Islam, and b) that Islam is not just a religion like other religions and entitled to First Amendment protection. Such circumlocutions will keep being invented, each more ridiculous than the previous one -- until the whole country laughs them out of office.

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He apparently didn't see the rejection coming from France either. Obama wrote a letter to Jacques Chirac looking forward to working with him in the next four years. His teleprompter hadn't told him that the current President of France is named Sarkozy; the French are all abuzz over this latest gaffe. See, e.g., Free Republic and Gateway Pundit.

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A week ago I posted the following comment:

News flash from March 10, 1943: President Roosevelt has announced that he intends to reach out to moderate Nazis and find common ground with them against the extremist Nazis.

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The doctrine of multiculturalism teaches us that we have no right to deplore these actions. To deplore them is to assert that our culture is superior. What right have we to criticize them? When keeping low leaves the judgment up to Allah, he implies that we benighted non-Muslims have no right to judge.

But by doing so, he's unwittingly demonstrating that multiculturalism lies: it doesn't really believe that all cultures are equally valid and that we should be open to their "truths." Rather, it is an insidious way of asserting that they are superior to ours.

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I gave your hope a thumbs-up, but it won't happen. Netanyahu's administration will have a bare majority in the Knesset, and that only because of alliances with other parties. His own party won one seat fewer than Kadima did. Among just the Jewish population, Israel apparently has as big a proportion of dhimmi-minded types, ignoramuses, and people simply uninterested in politics as we in the U.S. do. (One symptom of American endemic cluelessness: my spell-checker always flags the word "dhimmi.")

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So did I.

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Sorrow01 is right. I'd add that no one who wishes Israel well AND who understands the mentality of the Arabs in that area would advocate the founding of an Arab nation within walking distance of Jerusalem and within artillery range of the rest of Israel -- a nation the majority of whose population would rejoice at Israel's destruction.

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ipsofacto says: "In my opinion the only solution to the Palestinian to give the West Bank back to Jordan and Gaza to the Egyptians. " No!

First of all, there are many Jewish Israelis living in Judea and Samaria, incorrectly called "the West Bank." For example, there is the city of Ariel, which contains a university and flourishing industries. There are other large and small towns there too, populated by Jews. The world calls them "settlers," but it never calls Arabs living there "settlers," even though the term would more appropriately be applied to the Arabs. Should we wish to see those Jewish communities ruled by Arab Muslims? or destroyed, as were those in Gaza a few years ago?

Second of all, the word "back" implies that it used to belong to Jordan by international law. That is not true; when Jordan conquered that area from Israel during a war in which it (Jordan) was the aggressor, it ruled it illegally, and in due course Israel won it back. It was originally part of the area allotted to Israel by the UN, and its current international standing has never been settled.

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This new statement from the enemy is a direct consequence of past Israeli compromises on the prisoner-exchange issue. Those compromises encouraged the Arabs to press for more compromises and to issue ever-more ominous threats. I hope Netanyahu's administration will learn from the previous government's mistaken policy of exchanging many Arab prisoners for one or two Israeli prisoners. To the Israelis, that policy showed how much Israel values the life of one of its people; to the Arabs, it showed Israeli weakness. Here were displayed two completely different value systems, fostered by Judaism and Islam respectively, one loving life, the other loving death. In the future, if prisoner exchanges must be made, they should be one for one. (But I do prefer drastic punitive action.)