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Well, it was extremely difficult to keep him under these circumstances. Personnally I wouldn't trust him. Whether we hate it ir not, Dixie is in charge and trying to get rid of your boss the way he did makes me fear he would have been bad if in charge. Again, I don't know who TNA needs to be saved. Heyman? Matt Hardy?

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We can't wait for the next special / ultimate / game changing / vital announcement...

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Thanks. I'll have a look.

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I might be in the minority but though I don't trust Dixie, I don't trust Corgan either. The way he tried to push her out doesn't bode well at all. That's bad as I don't see who at this point is best for TNA. Maybe Matt Hardy.

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TBA to win!

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I can't wait for your sources and pieces of evidence. Not that I like Carter, but as a former law student myself, the judgement makes sense. I didn't understand why Corgan asked for a restraining order either.

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Survivor Series used to be my favourite one. I saw the teasers for the 1990's one but missed it, but loved the next years, until they dropped the team matches. I feel sad when they have just ONE 'traditional' Survivor Series match in the card. Thankfully some of the recent ones had been good. Loved the SvR with Shawn Michaels, Rey, Randy, JBL and Big Show a few years ago. This is one of the rare WWE PPV I regularly purchase. I hope for a good one.

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Well Hogan also has los to answer for, both for WCW and TNA.

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I promise, if I win 60 millions at the lotto, I buy TNA. I make sure Dixie is out, and try to salvage whatever I can.