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I didn't read the New Testament, I'm Jewish (an atheist Jew, anyway, that can be confusing to some) - so I don't know much about it. the Old Testament is written like a well edited legend (and it was probably revised a LOT of times, so much for the inerrant word of God)

So yeah, people in the bronze age aren't that imaginative, but they at least made some effort. The Quran, according to that book I'm reading about it now, is just a bunch of fuzzy scribblings Muhammad wrote on his own (unlike the collective Cohanim team that synthesized the Torah)

So, it's not a question of which books is better as much as it is a matter of which production was better funded.

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I'm reading a book about Islam (in Hebrew, my regards to Alan, who emphasized succinctly that me not knowing Hebrew is an impediment for understanding the bible, which I studied, in Hebrew) - and I must say: that has got to be the most jerry-rigged hodgepodged piece of claptrap as ever. It's got fucking TYPOS, man. How can any self-respecting human being really believe in that shit?

I've also TRIED reading the Kuran (Uzza must chuckle at this, the dude must have like a friggin' PhD in Islam studies with his hilarious blog posts about it). That book is INSANE. It's got ramblings that go on forever and NOTHING makes sense. No wonder every asshat could use "this word of God" to suit his own interests. I must say, the bible IS a better book. At least revision-wise. Some of the stories in the bible even make sense, somehow.

I wonder what it is that makes the Muslims you speak about behave the way they do. I don't think it's just because of Islam or particularly, only inspired by the Kuran. I'm banking on poverty and ordained ignorance.

I don't understand how anyone can make ANYTHING in particular from the Kuran. It's such a confused and muddled piece of work that you'd have to be schizophrenic to base your identity (read identities) on it.

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It is possible that the thumphead who wrote that piece of nonsense was simply being full of shit. :-)

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Er, like the Jews? You do realize that Israelis celebrate Valentine's day only if their secular? Orthodox Jews are just as against a Christian (? I guess.) holiday.

My girlfriend is learning how to drive now, and her driver's ed book was written by this religious kook who keeps yapping crap like : "In Israel, we never have crossroads that are a proper cross, so as to not imitate the Christians."

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The truly amazing part is that after he found out that I'm a native Hebrew speaker and Hebrew-educated, he got on, unphased, and asked me "esoteric questions" (which betray, probably, centuries of Christian portrayal of Jewish theology) about Judaism. Not to mention that he completely sidestepped the issue of being in complete contrast with his own religion.

This kind of cognitive dissonance is something I find amazing.

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O. I hereby waiver all good feelings I had when I read that comment :-(

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As they say here in Israel:

"Eein Sechel, Eein De'a'got" (No brains - nothing to worry about)

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But dude, the guy said I don't get THE ORIGINAL HEBREW :-S

That's simply mind-boggling. I've never met anything like that before, not even in arrogant theists. It's like some guy telling an obstetrician he doesn't know anything about childbirth :-S

I'm Jewish-raised, native-Hebrew, mandatory theology-trained!

The arrogance is just so amazing, I don't know what to make of it.

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Yeah, I was kinda disappointed that there were only two people in it, one, apparently, exhibits a completely ridiculous and indefensible position, and me, which I thought didn't, but I'm sure I could have managed better. I think the most hilarious part was when Alan had the gall to tell me that I misrepresent the bible because I don't know the original Hebrew.

Listen, I'm an Israeli, Jewish-raised, NATIVE HEBREW SPEAKER. Besides sign language (parents are deaf) - Hebrew is THE FIRST LANGUAGE I studied, and the language I studied (and still study) theology in. I've studied poetry, literature, math, even ENGLISH in Hebrew.

Sometimes the simply mind-boggling arrogance of some Christians (or theists, Jews are just like that) confounds me.

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Lol, was that addressed at me?! I HAVE been seeing you around in the comments for some reason, but other than visiting your personal blog and going around the atheist blogosphere, there really isn't any stalking involved! Too bad, since apparently that'd mean I get to frolic over some atheist chick's underwear drawer :-P

I'll take a look at that blog, whether someone like me is missing there or not.