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Unfortunately, we the taxpayers are gonna foot the bill for paying off Mr. Keefer. It would be nice if DeWeese and friends had to pay out of their own pockets....dream on...

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Our state government is the 2nd largest employer in PA. They are bleeding us dry under the Rendell administration. Permanent lay-offs are long overdue.

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No big brother camera's..This is America, not the USSR!!!

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Forty dollars will buy beer and wings at the local pub of your choice. I hope the fans lose interest in going to the game and go do something else.

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Class action grubbin' lawyers should be taken out to sea on a leaky boat.

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"On paid Leave" I didnt see anything in the report detailing if this goober gets to keep his job while on probation, or did he get fired? Did i misread?

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How many guns and bullets do you need to own to have it considered a "Cache of weapons"? Please let me know, so i can find out if i am still below the threshhold, or have already exceeded the limit...

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I heard a rumor that there is a group planning to simultaneously disconnect, remove, or destroy all redlight cameras if installed in Pittsburgh. Just a rumor...

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Still in prison...ouch. How low the man has fallen. Minimum security Should make it easier for him and his lawyer to meet and plan strategy on defending the BIG trial coming up in September. Good luck convict!