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Treetrimmer, you make some good points, but please don't include "social security & medicare" in your list of WELFARE programs!

People who receive Social Security and Medicare PAY INTO those systems throughout their WORKING LIFE. They are not Welfare programs and the people who benefit from them are NOT FREE-LOADERS.

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Yet another "interesting oddity" involving the Current Admin.:
Tax fraud suspected in land deal

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What is so special about the August 2nd date that everyone's freaking out that the "debt ceiling MUST be raised by 8/2" (or there'll be hell to pay!)? At least one person (Gohmert) has suggested that the big RUSH to get this done by Aug. 2nd has something to do with a Big 50th Birthday Bash.

Anyone know something specific about why August 2nd is the drop-dead deadline for this big-deal debt ceiling stuff?

(It would not be the first time that the O-Pelosi-Reid crowd crammed a deadline down America's throat so they could go "PARTY"!)

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You just wanted to argue, and the original post was nothing about arguing. It was discussing the true source of our troubles, and now you have diverted the discussion into an argument about men instead of the real topic which was about faulty IDEOLOGIES.

--Not going to waste any more time on you and your so-called "thinking."

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You wrote, "The problem is that Boehner's plan not only leaves all $14.3 trillion debt intact, it puts us on a course to add $10-$20 trillion over the next ten years."

Haven't had time to research this so don't know if it is accurate, but instinct says, At least it won't be adding $10-20 trillion over the NEXT TEN MONTHS, like those Spending-Maniac-Dems are likely to do!

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Thanks for listing these people, but NO THANKS for them voting AGAINST the only plan the Republicans had. Ever heard of UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL?

These are the RIGID, INFLEXIBLE, UNREALISTIC people who are, imo, going to GUARANTEE that we Americans suffer another FOUR HELLISH YEARS under the Great ZERO, unless they wake up, grow up, and learn to COOPERATE for the good of the nation instead of for the hope of more votes. And we all know that whatever is finally arrived at, it WILL be a "compromise"--perhaps one far more damaging than what Boehner had proposed. When you're in a sinking canoe, you'd better busy your butt with bailing out the water instead of sitting around, wishing for a yacht ride. (Translation: Sometimes you have to settle for the less than ideal to avoid going under entirely.)

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Can someone please list the 22 Republicans voting against the bill?

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Clearly, the Senate is NOT "our friend." Our only hope is to replace them with allies who understand who and what AMERICA IS.

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It is not off topic and is not pandering. It is pointing out the REAL source of our problems, budget-wise and otherwise--which is the PROBLEM of a bunch of pie-in-sky IDEOLOGIES that are tearing down our country and our world. Try not to be so narrow-minded and see the bigger picture. If more people saw the FOREST instead of the TREES, we would not be in this disgusting mess in the first place.

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That -0- guy reminds you of a welfare mother who keeps on having kid after kid, and letting the U.S. taxpayer foot the bill.

Also reminds you of irresponsible credit-card account holders who charge "cash advances" on one credit card to pay off another credit card, then go to a third and fourth credit card to pay off the first and second credit cards.

Washington: GROW UP, for God's sake! STOP THE LUNACY. The American people have HAD IT with this B.S. and will not stomach any more of this insanity. Stop raising the "debt ceiling" and spending more and more money WE DO NOT HAVE. Stop the reckless and unnecessary spending! Pay your legitimate bills and get back on track.