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" in the complex, which has a playground."

horrendous! Who would do such a thing at an apartment with a playground.

Truly epic reporting.

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The inhumanity of it all.

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I think he wAs quoted as saying when asked about his accident, "Fblesse sunbody hand me a hannky, my libs is bleedin' really bad"

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I wonder why U.S. Senate Critters can seem to have no problem calling for a "regime change" and don't consider themselves as calling for terroristic acts by the people, yet, when people call for a "regime change" in America "sans the "voting booth"" they are called "terrorist".

I mean really how does john "my wife has my nuts in a glass jar" Mcfake think a regime change will come about.

"elected" politicians, bleh!!

Give me Kings, and Princes any day.

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YIKES! I'm a drone now am I?


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How is it that as a Freemason you can excuse the desire to have someone put to death for burning a book? It seems if Masonry were truly tolerant it would defend the rights of this man to make his grievance known by burning the religious text of another faith.

Although in my opinion he is burning the wrong religious text anyway.

But that's for a later discussion.

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There are other races in this world that breed racists, why not wait and see before we condemn white people yet again.

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My daughter lives in Amityville, a few blocks away from the place. She says people ask directions to the place and the townies just shrug their shoulders.

I wonder if it was a local who purchased it, or just someone caught up in "the story".

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Thanks Jim,

I don't have any plans for changing my name anymore. That was part of my old days. Part of playing the part of a "Troll". This is all their is now.

I may post strong opinions in the future but I fully intend to tone it waaayy down, for my own peace of mind, if nothing else.

(Though I probably won't be commenting very often)

I need to get many things straight, and I thank the Blessed Mother for sending me my troubles they have given me a new perspective on things.

I've recently discovered some things about myself that I decided I didn't like and the thought of continuing to play obnoxious commenter leaves me empty.

If you can forgive a tired old man for his past stupidities it would be a welcomed relief.

Pax Tecum as well

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