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That is really funny!! Good luck with your dog and the check!!! I am outta here!!! have a great weekend!!!

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No Dee I am not a Democrat that runs off gets drunk and hides my head in the sand.

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Sanford does not want to take the full money because it is set up as a short term funds and once that money is gone the government mandates that the programs continue at the expense of middle class America!!! As far as the unemployment he is planning on taking around 750 million to pay off our debt which will free up unemployment. There are programs here that if you choose to learn a new trade - they will pay to put you through school and will help you with job placement. Sanford is not leaving people out ion the cold, hungry and starving and helpless. That is a bunch of liberal baloney.

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Interesting story!!! No ask her to deduct a stop payment fee and give you a new check. High maintenance dog?

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I can not say the stock market because jumping 53 points one day and down the next is the same old - same old ever since it looked like Obama could win the election. The stock market will rebound eventually - has to - folks are going to start buying at all time lows and that will make a difference. I am not a whiz at economy and even I can figure this one out. Sure Citigroup will have a profitable month - with all that bail out money. Sure people are buying again - as some said earlier - tax refund checks. That chump change OB gave us is useless. But the plant where I work is still closed and 100+ people are still out of work. All the plants in this town that closed are still closed. Building roads and bridges won't open them back up. confidence that Obama won't put us so far into debt that we will never see the light of day or He won't print so much money our dollar is worthless - that will stimulate the economy. But Obama loves to break records on spending that is a fact. He will print as much money as he can and he will bring this nation to her knees. So for me Anna is more interesting.

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Okay Greta what ever works for you - works for me. I like the e-mail thing.

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You are easily amused!!! LOL I will get excited when the Dow is back up to 11,000 like it used to be. Sorry but some things are just wrong. Reps are always accused of playing dirty, but the real dirt seems to belong to the Dems! The Dems attacked Joe the Plumber a citizen that had the audacity to call Obama out. I will never forget the attack on Sarah Palin that was swift and deadly. They are still attacking even her 18 year old daughter. What kind of people are these Dems. Are they psychopaths with no morals or conscience?

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the Democrates put up a derogatory billboard because Rush had the audacity to have a different opinion than this current administration. Well, I am in South Carolina and My Governor Mark Sanford does not want to take all of the stimulus money because he doesn't want the strings attached. Good for him. Well the DNC is starting an add campaign to bash him where else - in the capitol of SC. They don't want you to know that they are starting a smear campaign for anyone who opposes them. Ya'll this is just wrong.

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That carbon tax is going to put a lot of people back to the 1800's when the only light in your house was a candle. And people read books instead of watching TV. Whatever happened to common sense?

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It was probably just another voting present moment.