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There is nothing in your link to support your claims. The only reference to trade in services in your link is that there is £28bn surplus. The latest ONS data (which unfortunately I can’t add a link to as it removes this entire reply) is that the U.K. surplus on services has increased by £4bn in the year to September 2019.

Your claim that this entire surplus is to wiped out by brexit is the type of fear-mongering that lost Remain the referendum. The UK’s largest export market for financial services is anyway the USA which is only likely to benefit from a free trade deal that covers services and which would have been impossible if we had stayed in the EU.

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Labour on 25% thanks to their brexit game playing are going to lose a hat full of seats. tactics without strategy = deserved wipeout.

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Single market is pretty much non-existent in services. Financial passport is of dubious value relative to equivalence. Legal services depend on admittance to the bar and England and Wales have different system from Scotland never mind EU countries. Meanwhile the EU has used single market regulation as a Trojan horse to interfere in domestic legislation in a myriad of areas that those who originally consented to the single market could never have imagined. We have to leave the single market and will.

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The idea of a single market in services was killed a long time ago. It died with the 2004 draft Bolkenstein Directive.

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There is no evidence to support your delusional Remainer wishful thinking. Now that Boris’ confirmation of no transition extension has been met by a non-aggression pact from Farage it really is all over for those who have not been able to come to terms with the referendum result.

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Lord Ashcroft could save himself a lot of money by just going down the pub with a voice recorder about 20 minutes before last orders.

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I have participated in many international standards organisation meetings in my part of the tech industry. I have to say that my experience is that the BSI is not very relevant. Even European bodies are not that relevant as they typically follow global bodies. The Uk does participate in international standards and my experience is that the US does too. The US Industry won’t wait though for slow moving international standards bodies which have a tendency to become beurocratic and dominated by vested interests where the committee men are out to block innovation from competitors. Silicon Valley companies in particular will set up their own industry forums but these are open to worldwide participation and can be very successful in driving technology. US anti-trust rules are followed explicitly to prevent these forums being anti-competitive. The UK does widely participate in these US fora and is pretty good (better than Europeans and Japanese) at working out when the slow moving official bodies are likely to be overtaken. There is nothing in my opinion to be worried about from a standards perspective in trade deals with the USA.

BSI needs to seek out legitimate areas where it can remain relevant but I would not let its committee men interfere with trade deals with the US or others.

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If Boris sells out NI he deserves to go the way of May. If reports are true that he will allow the 21 back who voted for the Surrender Act he is not serious about brexit. The 21 trouble makers would deprive him of a real majority in the next parliament and undermine the UK in interminable talks over a FTA. He needs to run the clock down this week and next and get us out Oct 31 and then win a GE.

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When you vote against your own government on a confidence motion concerning the most important promise from the last manifesto then you can’t be trusted to abide by the next manifesto either.

If Boris let’s them back he has to win a majority of 40 to neutralise their opposition to brexit. He sacrifices his own credibility if he gives them a way back. It is a litmus test for Boris. If he fails this he loses votes at the next GE including mine. I voted for Boris in the leadership ballot but he will be heading towards the exit door that May just went through if he fails this.