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The author is deluded. Electoral pressure did move Cameron and no American would ever say “back of the queue” unless the words were fed to him for consumption by a British audience.

James Frayne is marked down in future as lacking credibility.

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Congratulations Philip Davies and a heartfelt thank-you for all that you have done to advance this noble cause.

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For his own good David Gauke has to do something else with his life than write here. He proved to the world in trying to reverse brexit that he can’t do democratic politics. Move on please.

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The idea of Benn and Letwin and Remain that they would force Boris to delay through legislation, and the public would blame Boris for that delay was the biggest political miscalculation of the last 5 years. The public rightly concluded that Benn and Co were responsible for the Benn Act and that they were the obstacle that had to go.

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Your head is up your ar$e. Please extract and enjoy the view of the beautiful clear brexit way ahead that now lies open before us all.

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We are not scared of another referendum and would win it again. We simply don’t need another referendum for our ultimate victory which remain cannot stop.

Remain had their chances and were backed by the political and media establishment. You lost in 2016, in 2017 and are going to lose big on Thursday. The EU couldn’t win referendums in France or Holland or in Denmark or Ireland without forcing voters to vote again. You can’t win because you don’t have the arguments which is why you have to resort to project fear. You are now 3 days from the end of the road.

Case in point to show you don’t have any coherent arguments. You claim the democratic legitimacy of the EU in the U.K. is based on elections to the EU’s so-called parliament. But in the most recent such elections the Brexit party, dedicated to leaving the EU, won in every area of the U.K. except London and Scotland!

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The Benn Act was when your side definitively lost. Managed to delude yourselves the public would penalise Boris for a delay forced on him by remainers. The miscalculated gamble of the Benn Act is a boomerang that is going to hit you hard on Thursday.

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You can have peace and cooperation without an undemocratic federalist superstate.

The rest of the world outside the EU has peace and cooperation and referendum results are respected wherever they are held in the world EXCEPT the EU.

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Remainer predictions never come true. In 2016 they predicted an immediate recession with 1/2 million immediate job losses and 3 million eventually. They predicted house prices would fall 18%, everyone would be £4200 a year worse off, Interest rates would rise, stock markets crash, the end of western political civilisation and the end of peace in Europe. None of the Remainer predictions came true; not one.

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The ghost of brexit past with his wishful defeatist thinking on the future.

The Benn Act is about to be shown as the most calamitous act in parliamentary history. It’s supporters thought the voters would take out their frustrations about brexit delayed on Johnson rather than the authors of the Bill. But Benn has ended the parliamentary careers of defeatists like Gauke and is about to deliver a historic large majority to Johnson to deliver. We need take no lessons in political strategy from Gauke and the other promoters of a failed approach.