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Bosnia has never been a country? This author needs to seriously reexamine history. Why does even keep this guy? He has been discredited as a Serb ultra-nationalist fascist and could have easily fit into Milosevic's propaganda machine. I mean this article is unbelievable. He refers to Bosnia's Bosniak community as "Muslims", and negates their existence as a distinct peoples group. Andras Riedlmayer over at Harvard University has repeatedly stated that "until the late 19th century, people of all three faiths (Muslim, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox) identified themselves simply as Bosnian". It is not the existence of Bosnia and Herzegovina that has be conjured up by the West, but rather it is the internal ethnic divisions that exist in Bosnia today that are the product of a century long campaign by the Croatian and Serbian fascists to tear apart the unity of the country that exists geographically between them. I think the author of this article is identical to the type of people that are attempting to tear Bosnia up once again. Reader's beware and please educate yourself independently. I've been to Bosnia and heard this kind of nonsense from the same people who squealed with joy every time an innocent civilian was killed in the street of Sarajevo.

It is the Serb Republic and the Federation that have never existed before as a country or nation, but Bosnia has had a distinct identity for hundreds, if not a thousand, of years.