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She said Would you Kindly

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So wait, where is the video for ponies the anthology 4? All I got was the announcement

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I disagree guys, Pinkie Pie was not out of character at all. One of Pinkie's flaws has always been insensitivity, IE pointing out that Cranky is bald to everypony and having fun at Luna's expense. Maybe the flaw came off a little too strong, so that could have been a writing problem, but she was not OOC

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Yeah, because dropping everything you have built up over a long career in order to try and settle down with someone you have fallen in love with is a total douche move. I COMPLETELY agree that this guy is ABSOLUTELY the worst, not because he was chasing Applejack while Rarity was chasing after him, thus making everyone who loves those two instantly be jealous, but because he is a douche.

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It has been too long my old friend. I might just have to read the entire series again

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I read this on fimfiction and it is a really good fic, but poor Scootaloo goes through some very tough times.

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Theory time. The sparkles around his fedora and the fact that the flower seem at odds with the rest of his outfit combined with previous spoilers of Rarity showing off her generosity makes me think that she puts the flower in his hat because he looked grumpy and wanted to cheer him up. The script probably called for a grumpy pony and some animator had a little fun.

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Nope, I feel the same way, when something grabs my attention as hard as MLP has, I will see it through to the bitter or awesome end

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I think what is happening is that the novelty of ponies is starting to wear off and thus you start noticing that the synopses are plots that have been done before. Beyond ponies and the world they live in, MLP has never been original with it plot premises, however, how they execute them is what makes them original. Every single episode you have seen, just by looking at the basic plot synopsis, has been done thousands of times before. In other words, the show is not declining in originality, you are becoming more aware of stories that have been done before. It is part of growing up.