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13. It is clear that the rapid increase in net international migration since 1997 has not been catered for by a commensurate increase in the house building programme. This has been a major factor in the demand for housing outstripping supply and will have had a significant impact on affordability

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Concern about introducing tropical deceases was also the reason for the opening of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in1898, one year before London's, the first of its kind in the world. The first British winner of the Nobel prize for medicine Ronald Ross, was its first lecturer.
Several weeks ago I watched a TV documentary on "are humans evolving" (yes they are apparently). The programme ended on a sober note to the effect that deceases including tropical deceases are also evolving to become even more deadly!

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Did any of the charges laid against these Pak pack attackers include "racial aggrevated assult"? I wonder? Does anyone know?

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Was the case not heard at the High Court on 28 March 2011? May 6 was the date of the 2010 general election.
"Barnbrook, who resigned the BNP whip last summer and now sits on the London Assembly as an independent, duly applied to the High Court. Yesterday Mr Justice Tugendhat rejected Barnbrook’s plea that the false return was not his fault because Dave Hannam, the party treasurer, had provided him with invoices falsely stamped “paid”. The agent is expected to be in real and genuine control of election expenditure, Mr Justice Tugendhat ruled, and Barnbrook should have made certain that the invoices had in fact been paid before signing off the return.
Mr Justice Tugendhat, who four years ago threw out a BNP candidate’s vexatious libel claim against Searchlight, has referred the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions, as election law requires, which means Barnbrook is likely to end up with a criminal conviction. According to Butler, Barnbrook, who “demeaned himself by touting himself around to various parties” in an attempt to get onto a London Assembly list that will secure his re-election in 2012, is now trying to return to the BNP".

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In the summer of 1940 the British people knew what they were up against which was the finest fighting machine at the time, the Wehrmacht. This fighting machine had destroyed Poland, humiliated the French and us British and had conquered Norway, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Even at that time there were British who wanted to do a deal with Hitler, mostly from the upper classes who wished to keep their priviledged position. I am afraid that in Britain today we can see no destroyed and occupied Poland, France, Belgium, etc., The Luftwaffe is not above our skies and attacking our cities. There is simply no fighting - everything is quiet and soon the summer will come. But we are suffering an invasion, a very quite invasion, which gains strength daily. That invasion is an invasion orchestrated by the wombs of millions of invaders who came not in barges, but who came by invitation. Some of us see it clearly and where it is leading to, the majority of British do not. Oh, If only they were the Wehrmacht!

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Bar: I fully agree with all your comments. Notwithstanding, A "Political Department" at any University is presumably where "older" versions of "Stefan Kunst" ensconse themselves in order to indoctrinate our youth. Knust's political views are most probably reinforced at Aberdeen University's Political Department. A more targeted approach might be to get this Department's funding reduced, since it hardly produces anything of economic value to the Country.

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I rather think that the hidden agenda here is that Stefan Kuntz is now a police informer since having lied and perjured himself and such being known by the police (and chargable as a serious offence), well they, the police, or MI5, can now blackmail him into providing them with information on anarchists and others. My advice to Aberdeen anarchists.......avoid Kuntz especially if he is appears to be inciting you to break the law, or, you too will be in the State's web, that is unless you are not already trapped in it.

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Is the best we can hope for to be another, larger Labanon?

Lebanon has a system of government known as confessionalism, with reserved posts, i.e. the President must be maronite christian, the Prime Minister a sunni moslem, the Speaker of Parliament a shi'a moslem, the deputy Prime Minister and Dep. Speaker of Parliament a Greek christian, Its law is a mixture of Ottoman law, Napoleonic code, canon law and civil law and there is alow a system of religious courts having jurisdiction over personal statues matters within thedir own communities. In January the National Government collapsed following the resignation of 10 opposition minister (Hezbollah) as a Tribual looking into the murder of the then prime minster in 2005 was going to indite Hezbollah.

Please not a Lebanese type of Government.

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I would imagine that most people looking out of their windows wish that they were somewhere else other than multicultural, PC, EU owned, downsized, almost bankrupt Britain.