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Thank you Simon for standing up to these bigots. I know you will stand your ground.
"concerns raised by Boris Johnson" I have heard you speak in moderate terms of this buffoon. It seems he is not prepared to afford you the same civility.

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Congratulations! The first time I have watched "Question Time" for about twenty years!
It is just a shame nobody from the establishment had the guts to attend.

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I had my account with Digg closed about three weeks ago as well. They accused me of spamming! I thought that was the idea of Digg. You spread the stories you liked. Still, I suspect many of the hits and support on Digg was from abroad apart from those of us who already know the truth.

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I wish the anti BNP brigade would make their minds up. One minute they say everybody in the BNP is lazy and fails to do their job properly (if they bother at all) and the next they deliberately misinterpret the document to claim everybody is burned out due to the stress of working too hard. Jeeez! Talk about wanting your cake and eating it.

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Sorry GA but on this one we part company.
I do not want Gordon to go. Unfortunately the BNP will not form the next government but the longer Gordon sits there the more damage he does to the prospects of Labour returning to power after the Conservatives screw it up in this rotating dictatorship of the establishment party. By which time economically and socially this country may well be in a whole different ball game.

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In my rural area it is a virtual Tesco monopoly. In every direction the nearest supermarket is Tesco. Frankly I do not find their quality or variety anything special, in fact far from it.
I look forward to a British National Party administration to break up this Labour supporting monopoly or Tescopoly. We need a return to genuine competition in retail outlets sourced by different providers. Not the cheap is best attitude that now prevails. We used to have variety and quality. Now we just have what the the big supermarkets allow us to have.

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Welcome Mr Bowen. And thank you for putting our people and nation before party.

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I've been watching CNN's coverage of the Tamils in London and they have shown far, far more than any British based main stream media.
The BBC and others have also deliberately kept the recent anti Islamic militant protest in Luton out of the news.
The control, censorship, distortion and downright lies of our main stream media is daily reaching new depths.

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Why are the Police not clearing the protestors?
Why has the Mayor Of London Boris Johnson done nothing?
Why did Boris Johnson ban an anti BBC licence fee demonstration but allows this without condemnation nor comment?
Why, if it was the English protesting and blocking roads outside of Parliament would there by now be a significant amount of blood on the streets?
What would Churchill have said as his statue looks out over these foreign invader demonstrators?
Why does Nicholas Soames moan about the British National Party but keeps his mouth shut now?
His grandfather would have been thoroughly ashamed of him.

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It is time this 'I'm alright Jack' Communist troublemaker was deported as an undesirable alien.
I remember him from his student union days with his Afro haircut and his black shiny leather Malcom X jacket. An anti British racist.