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Yeah. From what I've read cydia apps are lagging behind because of how the jailbreak was released and Saurik not given time to update cydia. Iclarified had an article about that couple of weeks ago although it seems like things are improving daily. Developers are hard at work trying to update their apps ASAP. Just sit tight and check cydia daily.

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Via iPhone

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Hello @CONVBMW good to know you are ok. Personally haven't taken the plunge. Been in Africa since September and haven't been able to download 7.0.4 to restore with. Slow Internet kicks me out before the file finish downloading. Just hoping Apple don't kill the jailbreak with an update before I can get back next month. If the jailbreak is still unstable, restore and sit tight for a little while till all the kinks gets worked out.

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I am fine and doing well. Just been a little busy. Hope you've been well also. Thanks for asking.

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Thought I would ask nicely and save him from himself. Somehow I knew it wouldn't work.

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@TED, please consider changing your Avatar for this blog as some people might find it offensive.

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This applies only to iphone 5 from verizon.

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Right now, yes.

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Being able to jailbreak it depends on the iOS (software) that's on the phone when you get it. If it comes with 6.1.2 or earlier then you should be able to jailbreak it. If it comes with 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 you can't jailbreak it. Go to Settings-General-About-Version. That should tell you the software installed on the phone and before you ask, it is not possible to instal older softwares on the phone. You just have to wait for a future jailbreak tool release.

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