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I have been watching a rerun of one of Michael Portillo's rail journeys through Ireland, and on Thursday a new series where he visited Ukraine.

Although one cannot simply map this bit to that bit, there are too many similarities between the two situations to allow one to feel comfortable. Ukraine shares a lot in common with Russia, but its own identity which does not want to be assimilated.

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To fill in gaps in my knowledge, could you please give some of the individuals of the "cosmopolitan elite" you are referring to?

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1n 1939, shortly after the Nazi German invasion of Poland, Josef Goebbels put up posters saying „Anglio! Twoje dzieło!” (“England! This is your doing!”). Here is an image of it:

That, of course, is an example of the Goebbels BIG LIE. However, if Donald Tusk does not keep his trunk out of things, Continental Europe may suffer as a result of his actions. In that case, one may then say — with reason — „Tusku! Twoje dzieło!”

I hope, though, that does not turn out to be the case.

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I find Donald Tusk more of a problem than Jean-Claude Juncker.

Leo Varadkar has Sinn Fein at his back, and Tusk's recent intervention reminds me of how Continental powers have for centuries tried to use Ireland as a base for getting at England and then Britain as a whole.

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Many people from Great Britain have started attacking the DUP, without even mentioning Sinn Fein, who are big players in this.

And the way Donald Tusk was talking to Leo Varadkar: doesn't the Taoiseach remember how hostile powers from across the Channel have several times brought disaster on Ireland by treating it like a springboard to get at Britain?

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Leo Varadkar is trying not to lose ground to Sinn Fein.

A divided Ireland is providing fertile ground for grievance-mongers by Ruth Dudley-Edwards

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So many brains are pressing for their own agendas, or even trying to abort Brexit.

That applies both within the government and the other parties.

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We have been remembering (not very forcefully) the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution. This is how Winston Churchill described the situation leading up to it:

But the Provisional Government had to maintain the daily life of the nation, to keep order, and to produce military victory over the Germans, while the sole immediate aim of the Bolsheviks was a general smash.

from “The World Crisis, Volume IV: The Aftermath”.

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A big mistake, it seems. But with "blabbermouth" Boris as Foreign Secretary, what was she to do?

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These has been much discussion here about the how various ways of deployment of wealth are beneficial or detrimental to the common good.

It may not be clear how offshore tax havens work either way. But one thing is clear, and overarches that particular matter.

Many protesters these days are talking about Tory Cuts. But these would not have been forced on us had not a former Chancellor thrown so much of our money down a Brown Hole. (A brown dwarf is a "failed star" which gives off heat only, but no light.)