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This article (by a Scotsman who is apparently somehat left-wing) I find very relevant:

Chris Deerin: Impermeable self-belief of upper class a perilous trait as revolution gathers pace

Has Cameron down to a T, Bojo beware!

Another article relevant to our times: The Dawn of Decadence

which compares today’s activists to the Mazdakites, a group of militant radical “Hippies” who seriously weakened the Sassanid (Persian) empire, not long before the Arab Islamic conquest.

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Possibly. It’s in the second half of this article: *DOMINIC LAWSON: The architects of Project Fear must pay for their shameful lies* (27 June 2016)

Heading: *Gay marriage and a bitter Brexit divorce*

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In Germany around 1930 there were street battles between the National Socialists and the Communists.

For a while, it seems that the Communists were defeated in the Axis powers and their allies. But so many of them sought refuge in the UK, and sought to undermine our body politic through the London School of Economics and similar institutions.

And the EU has been infested by people by people like Daniel Cohn-Bendit. who fomented student revolutions around 1968, and far too many of such people are still active today.

So, a bit of balance please, Mr Walshe, or else be silent and hold your peace indefinitely.

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"Socialist" measures, albeit necessary, should not be allowed in the hands of socialists.

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We read of the government introducing socialist measures. But anything associated with socialism should NOT be put into the hands of socialists.

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Trouble with Trevor Phillips is, he doesn't think about black people enough. There are many people in Africa close to the Equator who are all too concerned, with good reason, about the intentions of their Muslim neighbours to the north.

And those relatives of his who have converted to Islam - what if they wanted to leave? Not so easy in the reverse direction, so I hear.

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Quite right about UC and LC.

In Ireland, for road signs they use regular font for names in English, and Italic for names in Gaelic.

In Wales, alas, they do not make this distinction, which is a pain in the neck for motorists having to read at speed.

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May I suggest that among the chief beneficiaries are the Jamaicans and their descendants who are living in Britain, who are finding their communities rid of many of their chief pests?

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Last night on ITV I watched a programme on cyberstalking. One of the participants was a (one assumes) gay man whose day-to-day existence had been dominated by a cyberstalker who had bombarded him with hostile words used to describe gay men, but not only him, but all his business contacts, which the perpetrator found by using apps on all the electronic gadgets he had around his person. He had become (in old-fashioned language) a nervous wreck.

The stalker was eventually found to be a woman, who received a two-year suspended sentence. I found the suspension to be far too lenient.

However, this was a malevolent attack on an individual. With regard to the multiple entity known as the gay community, I find they get far too much prominence and leverage in the politics of our country, and were we still in the period leading up to Christmas, I would like to tell them to go and stuff their turkey.

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Lord Cherwell? He was opposed to Radar.

While Sir Robert Watson-Watt was developing Radar, two of Britain's greatest scientific personalities fought bitterly over its value and application. Who was right? Sir Henry Tizard or Lord Cherwell? Or was it a matter of degree? The Battle of Britain was to decide.

He was also behind the policy of heavy civilian bombing of Germany, rather than concentrating on military or industrial targets.

The fight between Cherwell and Sir Henry Tizard is described in "Electric Universe" by David Bodanis.