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According to all the porn I've seen, Braxien and Goodra are everyone's favorite new Pokesluts.

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Y'know, there used to be a time where you could be a magical pink unicorn ironically and not be associated with a show that has a fanbase that has a vocal minority that's more obnoxious than furries and Juggalos.

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The amount of people I want to flog for not knowing this difference cannot be counted on one hand.

In binary.

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It's okay, Medic. We all may not speak the same languages, but we all know the universal language of bullets, food, and post-bullet sexy-times.

Wait, disregard that last one.

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Looks like BLUzz Lightsoldier got a friend in him...

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I have the sudden urge to pack my lunch into Pokéballs now.

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Silencers? You can't put a silencer on a Mothrakk-flacking rocket launcher.

Besides, what's the point of stealth when you can kill everyone in the room quickly with a rocket or two?

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No wonder it won't work! That money hasn't taken enough damage! As far as that vending machine is concerned, those dollar bills are pretty damned clean!

Maybe try creasing the corners a bit...

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He should save Pauline. Because at least he won't keep chasing after her, game after stagnant game.

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"And I would have gotten away with the intelligence too, if it weren't for you meddling middle-aged men with guns!"