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bubba will get him! they HATE pot dealers in prishum! every scumbag that sells the devils weed should be locked up for life! i have no compashum for these evil vermine who push the gateway drug...maryjane on innocent hockey players and their moms and stuff. wheres sarah palin now? or jesse?

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I dont think he did it. If he gets a lawyer to show all the evidence is just circumcisional than he may get off.

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now listen here my peeps/followers/fans. do not repeat do not build a home or buy one like..on a known slide field. ok? its like the dummeez who a house next to the airport and then like...complain about the noise coming from the jet engine exhaust pipes, or in the case of turbo props, they just complin about other stuff. gliders are fun to watch but like..i really dont want to fly in one. but at least thats better than building on a flood plane.

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wow lol you really socked it to that troll didnt you! can i be one of your followers? i like the way you handle yourself! **wink**wink*** sincerely....sam. a.

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ive thumbsed u down for troll feeding violashum!

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is he rabid? get your shots my faithful followers and fans! and dont forget to thumz me up :-)

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quit trying to butter me up...after your constant critisim of me how am i supposed to take you serious. i state facts. you quit stalking me. ive thumbsed you down for hate and making up stuff.

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please homes..i thinks shes one of those "trolls" ive heard about. she loves it when she gets idiots like you to show your control / nuerosis issues when its obvious to anyone with half a brain they are being sarcastic. we dont give a rats about your it for twitter and please quit "feeding the trolls" your the reason they exist! i hope i never get anyone as dumb as you for my nurse. actually you will never make it in all likelihood if your dumb enough to fall for a trolll. have a nice life and good luck in the upcoming divorces (print this for future encouragement)

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"Back under the bridge troll" "why would anyone thumz u down?" "thoughts/prayers"

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lets all make little jabs at a fellow human instead of letting the justice system work its magic. yet when someone else says something simalar we shall cast stones at them and call them trolls. as a psych major i soooooo enjoy watching you weirdos interact. lets wish carnage on a dessparate man who was just trying to get some cash (bailout) for food and meth for his family. you all should be ashamed and i WILL offer thoughts and prayers,,,not only for him but for all of you wanna be commiediens. I am the greaqtest/funniest and get on your knmees and worship me~!!!