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I have a FaceBook. But, I might wait before joining the Facebook group. I'm already in chatting in so many groups already.

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Hi, FourZero. I was too busy with my new hobby to make time for watching your blog, but I'm back. I subscribe to GI, too. I loved GI's articles about COD4, and this time was no different. And you're making a mode called toy box with Transformers in it? Wait 'til I tell all my Transformer collecting friends about that!

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That's really cool, and they're a COD4 clan?

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Is that all?

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There's a thread on about this. What do you mean when you say "thread"? Do you mean that he should make a blog post about the scrapped playlists? Richoshet Hardcore would've been fun.

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Thanks for the update, dude. But this is an even less convincing scam than the petition for free golden weapons on codww.

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Yes, I have beated High Mileage Club on Veteran. Took me quite some time, 5 hours, perhaps?

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Yo, FourZeroTwo, I haven't been on for awhile cause my computer broke down. I've been having trouble in Unreal Tournament 3, I have trouble understanding the tutorials and I don't know my way around. Is this a problem for you? By the way, why did you stop doing video blogs?

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now, i wounldnt believe it if you told it to me in the face. six... *spits diet soda*... SIX MONTHS?!

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yo, FourZeroTwo, i'm not getting cod waw until next year. my christmas budget is streatched to the limit. right now, i'm busy trying to win transformers G1 DVDs off ebay