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Ridiculous question. How do you suggest electing a leader of a party that didn't exist and had no members, until said leader says "I am starting a new party, come and join me"?

I think you can safely say that if some one starts a party and people choose join him (given there is an alternative party in UKIP) that he is the chosen leader, elected or not.

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I've read you posts on your website and you claim that "Muslim schools turned out balanced citizens, more tolerant of others and less likely to succumb to criminality or extremism"

You also state in the same article that "Muslim schools teach Muslim children that sex outside marriage is a sin. Homosexuality is also a sin. Sex before marriage and homosexuality are western values and Muslims are not supposed to adopt them"

And then more worryingly you go on to say
"Muslim community would like to protect their children from the evils of the western society"

So much for your claim that muslim schools make you more balanced and tolerant eh?

And funnily enough your own poll on your website that asks people should there be more muslim only schools, 68% said no!

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And I also find it patronising that you feel the need to tell us to go and speak to a Muslim to realise that they aren't scary and islam isn't all bad

I worked as a manager in Sainsburys in Bury Park Luton, I've worked on Queens Market East Ham and I lived in Labuan a mainly Muslim Island in Malaysia and I've never had a problem with a Muslim, especially in Malaysia who I found a very warm and accepting community.

What I have trouble with is that you have posted on here in a manner close to preaching at us and that your an expert on our western values and we are ignorant of Muslims and Islam.

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I didnt say go back from where you came from, I assumed that you were British not an immigrant

What i said is that if the values in this country and the Western world distgust you so much and you are incapable of respecting the culture and law then leave and go live in a Muslim country which holds your values.

That is completely different to what you accused me of.

Your answer to combat radicalisation is to segregate and fragment society.

The accusation that schools do not teach "proper" english is ridiculous and that it inhibits muslim children from getting better jobs.

Also, the accusation that we are monolingual Brits i find offensive , our schools teach many languages, just because its not the languages you want our education system to teach , doesnt make it irrelevant . We teach French, German, Spanish because they are our neighbours and our trading partners.

Its great that you want your children to learn about their heritage , but its not our heritage , so why should it be on the curriculum or part of government policy.

Your more than capable to teaching your children this yourselves or within your community, this happens in many other parts of the world.

We are one of the most open multicultural , diverse countries in the world, what you propose isn't integration, its segregation and we welcome people of all faiths, but respect ours, our laws, our way of life.

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I hoped so too but without any pre context and looking at the OP's previous posts , i don't think it was.

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I lived on a predominantly Muslim island in Malaysia and I never saw or can believe that there was State funded school for White British Christian children.
Why should there be? We respected their country and their values and the fact it was a Muslim dominated Island.

It isn't the mis-education of Muslim children in this country thats the problem, or is it your problem that you don't like them growing up in a Western Democracy and appreciating and respecting our culture?

The radicalisation isn't caused by our education system, its caused by the propaganda by extremists on the internet and extremists praying on the vulnerable because they detest our ways and the fact we are not Islam

To blame our education system is the most uneducated , unfounded and stupid comment I've heard on here.

Ive not heard anyone blame Imams for radicalising muslims , but thats not to say an Imam couldn't be an extremist.

It seems to me that there or more Muslims desperate to come to this awful country and claim asylum than compared to those who leave to go back to a muslim country that it can't be so bad here can it ?

If you are so disgusted with our education system, our values, our religion and our democracy then buy yourself a plane ticket and go live in a muslim country rather than complain about us as a race, because i find your comments offensive and racist.

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I agree.

Her every move despite being carefully calculated is predictably obvious.

She should have the flatest nose in politics with the amount of doors that have been shut in her face recently.

Constantly trying to punch above her weight and putting her dislike for the english above the Scotish national interest.

She claims Scotland isn't being treated like an equal partner in the UK, no they're not, they get more money per head than the rest of the UK spent on them, so thats not equal.

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Then Tim Farron will get to make the overall decision

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Do we have a referendum on Scotish independence in the future but they can't leave unless the majority of combined England , Wales, NI & Scotish vote in favour of it?

If Scotland leaving the UK affects all nations then this surely should be the case

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I don't despise him because he's a fat man in glasses. I despise him because he's a nasty piece of work who misappropriated public money to buy a Westminster flat, sell it and keep the large amount of profit from the sale.

I mock him, because he's an obese man in glasses