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The first time I heard David Gauke speak on TV, I thought "who is this idiot." My first thoughts have never been changed since, only reinforced.

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Two of the four contestants for the Labour Leadership are millionaire London-based ex-barristers, whilst one is also a Knight of the Realm. I think any one of the four will prove to be a disaster. The Labour leader we should worry about is Alan Johnson if he ever returns.

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Hopefully, when a new candidate is selected for Beaconsfield, the Association members don't endorse an identi-kit ex-merchant banker who's married to the son or daughter of a marquis and went to Eton. It will need a Tory candidate who is immediately recognisable to the vast majority of the electorate. A candidate of the ilk of Martin Bell, who easily took the safe Tory seat of Knutsford would be ideal. There are many of them in the Brexit fold.

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Yes, please, do get rid of this white elephant called HS2. We could spend a fraction of the money upgrading the West Coast Mainline to accommodate double deck trains, and quadrupling the whole route between London and the North West, and that would bring far more capacity than HS2 could dream of.

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How does this woman ever expect to be taken seriously. She reminds me of the young Violet Elizabeth Bott in the Just William series. "If I don't get my own way, I'll thcream and thcream 'till I'm thick"!

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Two comments I heard on Election Day this June: "The candidate's in bed" and "With it being a sudden election we didn't have time (7 weeks???) to organise a canvas."

When things like this happen, you have no hope of ever winning an election! When you don't have a Constituency Agent, just who is responsible for ensuring a constituency is in a fit state to fight an election (any election)?

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Not happy. Two more years under the EU yoke. We should have been out by now!

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Apologies. I did of course mean JACOB, not William. Brain is now engaged. Not the worst mistake I've ever made. Once put down Nigel Lawson instead of Norman Lamont as Chancellor in 1992 GE (used initials NL in my draft).

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Was William Rees-Mogg amongst the suggested names?

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Conservative HQ (or Central Office as I and millions of others still refer to it) needs a rottweiler to oversee it's machinations. The ideal candidate as Chairman to my mind would be IDS, who holds no fear of any sectional group and will do what is necessary. And bring back the name Central Office.