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Many are the times minor cliques mistake themselves for majorities or important.

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There is no message, which he has small standing to deliver were there one. I don't think the Boulder Planners are awesome, which is why you'll never here it and why you've never herd it said.

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Wrege doesn't live in Boulder, and here he's supported fully by our regional condemned veal of aging white males with their limitless supply of exclamation points. They have no other points, but at least they're exclamatory.

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Nonsense. There is no evidence "most cities" cherish or fight to preserve band shells. Where is a band shell THE Pride of the Community? Probably where there are no jobs and high suicide rates. Are you expecting a surge of enthusiasm for this acoustic horrendoplasty if Boulder finds out, oh, Eads or Lamar saved its bandshell? If they have one?

While it is true that in some towns and cities devoted groups of citizens periodically try to save their often expensive if utterly pointless band shells because the elderly need activity and excuses to recall their mostly fictional pasts, it is an error to think the towns and cities themselves or any majority of citizens thinks them worthy of minimal attention, much less a line in the budget.

There are few if any acoustic bands that benefit from performance in such, and fewer potential audiences for them, and those that arrive contain the mandated presence of children with no choice but to be there, which can inflate perception of popularity, weak as it already is. It's a memorial to the past, often a mythical past, and in Boulder it's current major use is continuation in place and to pointlessly exist - unused, unloved - simply to prevent something else being done.

Granted, the something else might be horrific, but argue on the actualities and not on the goofy pretension that the Huntington band shell is a work of art or beauty or utility beyond that offered by a poorly designed bus stop shelter.

It's a bloody band shell, and by definition they don't vary much absent size and color. It's not a venue where promoters try to book acts or bands. It's a pretend venue, where once a child performed and cherished the glittery memory as just one of a series of magic moments the entire City of Boulder shared at the Lovely Huntington Bandshell. The majority of Boulder has never seen a damned thing performed or occur there, and entire years contained nothing of moment on a minimally useful stage where few if anyone of importance or much talent actually ever strode.

Frankly, the band shell years were the 1890's, Ragtime, Dixieland, Souza, all that for small town memories. This one was years late and as historical as a guitar pick from Boulder's Serendipity Singers, who of course all recall.

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When men were men - by which is meant when I lived there - Magnolia Road wasn't paved beyond a notional surface across the bridge in Boulder Canyon. It in no way lulled anyone into a sense of security, false or actual, at any point and figured prominently in the last week of Ranger School and advance placement SEAL training and for specific Delta Force missions. Traffic was moderate but steady.

Maintenance? Wait a sec for the general hilarity to die down. Maintenance.......snort.

The four foot deep scenic canyon spring runoff gouges served as speed bumps and a few stringy trees served as guard rails between you and what looked like 4500 foot drops. Memory is vague. May have been more. It was slow and decreased the blue book of any vehicle by 15% every trip up or down. Absolutely terrifying, the way God wanted it.

Then it got paved, suitable for school bus and road race. And these days mere pot holes and cracks in the surface are considered reminiscent of a safari in Africa.

Wimps, all of ya. Freshen this.

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The most exciting event connected to the building - a bloody barn/shed/whatever - was the flood of 2013. It was not in use and probably could not have been. The wood could be used elsewhere for siding or something constructive. It's nice looking. Hundreds of thousands to preserve what? Why? For whom?

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GOOD police work. No over reaction. No unnecessary shots fired. No shots fired at all. Quick. Thanks to the officers. In other parts of the nation, unlikely to have ended like this.

You can chant this with me, we've read/heard it so often.

The officer 'feared for his life' and unloads entire clip at a man four feet way. With other 'elite' officers, four total, firing, over half their shots hit the target. Being 'elite,' you know. Pro shooting doesn't get better than that...... Two end in adjacent apartments. But wait! There's MORE.

Turns out the man had a machine pistol in one hand, and the two knives in the other, and that's why the officers had to shoot! A machine pistol, something few have ever seen. There's only one in storage at the station 'found' previously years back. Still there, right?

So, it really wasn't because the officers were white and the corpse black/Asian/Gnostic/funny looking/different than white/wearing a burka. It was because of the machine pistol! He out gunned the police with their pathetic .22 short plywood Monday Evening Specials with grips knitted by their wife/mother. Nobody understands the horrors of the policeman's job! Run sidebar on police killed in the line of duty through the decades along with videos of the Amazing Grace part of every police funeral.

Really, Longmont. Good job. I could not do it. Always good to know some can, and well.

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It's a geezerfest now. The elderly gather to enjoy each other and relive the past. The letters of support here in the Camera are near totally from the aged. The students know how to surf the web and find what the CWA used to provide for their predecessors. The CWA offers nothing for free that isn't available daily on the Web.

IT DOESN'T MATTER whether Griffin is retained or replaced, the CWA won't survive much longer, and neither will the majority of its most enthused fans. Shocking coincidence, that. But the CWA is only pretend relevance now.

It indeed would be awful if CWA was tortured and became a neocon or elder con gathering. But the left beloved by Higman cannot afford to waste energy on decaying corpses of procedure over actual point.

What were the high points of the CWA in the last half decade? Post them.

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If true. Artists love free publicity, and this served him well. Maybe a tad exaggerated? Threaten arrest and not even issue a ticket?

Water rights engender odd and strict rules out here, by the by. It may be in our lifetime just leaving the impression of doing something that somehow might affect water rights to someone somewhere would justify arrest.

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The rock stacking deal has become a 'thing' and it is not impossible that other artists, perhaps many other artists, would join in this, and because of Grab's fame just build about his work as a garden motif. Not a big deal, but eventually unintended issues would arise. Tubers might/would knock stuff over, on purpose or not, or the famed 'homeless'/bums/hippies would take offense at their existence and there would be incidents if this occurred before the key photo was taken.

Of course, we must think of the children, one of whom might be hurt when a pile falls over. Etc. You know the drill, so let's just get that out of the way.

Or any number of trivial things that can become annoyances in bulk. If enough people are moving rocks about, small dams could/might appear and effect water flow and gouge out softened banks. I don't see that as likely whatever, but possible and possibly a more major issue. And, that's the reason for the applicable laws and regulations at issue.

The cop did it right and went to find out if this was an issue before something irritating happened that could have been prevented. All done, so everybody calm down.

I greatly admire Grab's work. I actually don't understand how he does it, bluntly. That said, his self-appraisal about leaving Boulder destitute of his positive vibe kind of sucks and offends. He'll have competitors and superiors soon enough.