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WOW! I love you for reminding me of this dessert, I haven't had it since I was a kid. It sounds like I am not the only one, so this is a true public service! I loved this stuff! I bet my own kids have never tasted this, but they will soon. I am alone with my two youngest tonight, looks like a great project.

You are awesome!

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My sister makes this anytime we get together in the morning, and it is always devoured.

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I cannot tell you how hungry this post just made me feel! Yum!

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I wanna eat that piece of pie. I wanna eat that piece of pie right now.

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Wow! That looks wonderful! You know, it was reading this blog that inspired me to go meatless on Mondays. My wife works Monday nights, so it is just me and the three kids, so I usually don't go crazy with the cooking...usually something simple like pizza or pasta (linguine w/homemade red sauce last night). But I would love to make the pastry dough on Sunday night and just totally blow their minds on Monday! Great Post!

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This looks like the perfect thing for when you want to fancy-up some spuds for company!

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Kind of bummed that I have another ice cream ready to go. I cannot wait to try this!

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Looks great! The thing I love about making Sangria is it is a little bit about being a kid in the kitchen. Remember when you were little and you would try to make strange concoctions (I remember making coke-milk for my cereal--yech!)? It is a little like that, except as adults we are more savvy about our ingredients, and so far I have yet to screw up sangria. White, red, pink..whatever. It all tastes great and refreshes like few other drinks. Guess I will be stopping by the wine store on the way home.

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Potato salad is perfect for a weekend outdoor meal, and it's Friday baby! I love all things pickle and my wife loves all things caper...we could call this Compromise Potato Salad. Thanks for the recipe!

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You cook and bake like you do, and like Dr. Who? Jeff should thank his lucky stars! I must resist the temptation to make this cake, as I would eat the entire thing. Gawd it looks good.