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Haven't seen Blade Runner. Haven't seen Evil Dead (have seen 2 and AOD several times each). Haven't seen Dark Knight Rises. Do not intend to see the new Star Trek movie; the last one I mostly liked but I'm tired of the "raise stakes by destroying a planet" trope and will stick to TNG, DS9 and the original universe. I like optimism and hope in my Trek.

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Sad to hear about your cruise, I was hoping you weren't stuck on SewerShip.

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Waiting with bated breath for the Riff Trax version.

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Great strip! What did you think of the soundtrack? I liked all the music, especially the songs by Brother Dege and the new one from John Legend. Tarantino usually does a great job assembling film music, and the streaming tracks/commentary he did before the film opened was fascinating.

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Went to see The Hobbit 3D hoping to see the Pacific Rim trailer on the big screen. Totally PO'd when I learned it was only attached to the 2D Hobbit. Can't wait to see Del Toro taking on kaiju and mecha. Power ranger comparisons be damned.

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He probably wouldn't have much luck in any decade, most people just don't want to think.

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I'm just getting tired of everything in Dr Who being so so tragic. When did the Doctor become a character in a Smiths song?

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Hopefully going to see Looper this weekend. Favorite standalone movies? Princess Bride, Big Trouble in Little China, and Time Bandits. Could also say Buckaroo Banzai but the intent was to have a franchise.

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Based on the manner of entrance, was this the Grammar Dalek or the Kool-Aid Dalek?

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Use Mozilla Firefox and get the Adblock Plus plug in. It's wonderful!