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Just heard Nick Griffin's maiden speech in the EU and had there been a clap-o-meter I think he would have won the contest .Virtually all others were rewarded with total silence but Nick's speech certainly met with the approval of several other MEP's.

Well done Nick - keep telling the truth, the deaf liberals won't hear you but the sleeping masses will wake up eventually.

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We your supporters are proud of you. Please now go to Brussels and make the rest of Britain proud of you too.

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I hope with all my heart this is right, however, if it is not and we don't get any seats then we have got to keep going and try even harder next time.I for one will always support the BNP because the BNP will always support Britain.

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Farage the Mirage.

We need to use our party political broadcast to expose Farage as a 'Mirage of honesty'.

You think you can see something agreeable from afar but when you look closer you find that it amounts to nothing.

The only true oasis of hope is The BNP.

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Can I have one in my front garden!

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The 3 main parties have managed to destroy themselves along with our country. Anyone who stll is going to vote for them is beyond our grasp at this moment in time. Their attitude may change when the economy affects them personally but for now we should give up on them, if they are still intending to vote Lib/Lab/Con then they are very unlikely to change their minds in the next 2 weeks.

UKIP and non-voters are the ones we should target right now. 100% attention should be drawn upon exposing UKIP corruption and linking them with the 3 main parties.

If our election broadcast on the 26th can be used to remind the public of UKIP's corrupt history then I think that would be the best 5 minutes TV this country will ever have.

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The BBC obviously are of the opinion that the vast majority of voters would agree with Nick Griffin.

What's the betting that UKIP will be promoting this same concept very shortly with the backing of the BBC.

It makes me sick to the stomach that the British people are being manipulated like puppets in this way.

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Swine Flu is very contagious and all the pigs in Westminter and the E.U. will be given a heavy dose of BNP medicine over the next few weeks.

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The spear of truth hurts... and by the amount of sqealing going on, I think they don't like it up 'em!

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Saw it last night and thought you came over really well. BIG pat on back!!!