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Rainbow Dash - Awesome roller coaster, as most people have said. Loud music, loops, the works.
Twilight - A slow-paced roller coaster thing with no bumps, but it takes you through a tunnel and teaches you the history of Equestria.
Scootaloo - Arcade with various retro games.
Rarity - High-class gift shop/shopping mall, all pony-themed.
Applejack - Food court.
Celestia/Luna - Twice a day show at the opening and closing times.

Bonus - Derpys roller coaster - A roller coaster that has a different section where it seems like the roller coaster has broken and everything goes crazy, happens once every 6 rides.

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Great PMVs and song choices all around this time, awesome way to start the new year :D

First we make PMVs of every song in existence, and then, we take the world! Happy new year everypony!

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If you mean the Sonic Colors theme tune, there's a PMV of it I really like right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6txy2hVKgQ
Enjoy :D

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I'm assuming a Fallout-esque scenario where nuclear war has broken out, killing about 75% of humanity and setting us back to the dark ages, plus radiation and a few battery powered machines here and there.

First and foremost, Twilight. Massive book made for this exact situation, incredibly powerful magic which might provide short term radiation immunity, and best pony all in one? Obvious list topper for me.

Next, Pinkie Pie. She's be an awesome morale boost, and the gyro-copter plus the book means we can find the best part of England to survive for a year in. Also, she can man the Twilight-mini-gun against any hostiles.

Finally, probably Rainbow Dash. The cloud would give us enough water to survive until we can use the book to get a more sustainable source of water. She would probably also be the fastest thing around with most vehicles presumably out of commission. Also, she's very strong, and you don't need a magic screwdriver to open doors when you can just bash them down ;D

I think the best case scenario would be finding an abandoned farmstead where there are crops, or else some sort of abandoned easily defensible bunker stocked with plenty of canned, non-irradiated food. Surviving a century would be a tall order unless Twi has some sort of life-prolonging magic though. If all else fails, we can just have Pinkie rip a hole in the fourth (fifth?) wall and escape.

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Same, I'm just getting 404 not found :/

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I really don't like Twidash, but the description bit got me interested, so I read the entire thing. Before I knew it I'd upvoted it on fimfiction. Very good even if you don't like shipping, recommended :)

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Actually, in my experience opposing shippers in this fandom seem to be quite amiable. Aside from some of FreezingShock's battles, but even they tended to end on civil terms :P *salutes other ships from the kayak of Twishy*

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I know how sad the movie is, but when you mentioned lovers dying and ships sinking, I immediately thought of Titanic. I wonder what that would be like ponified...

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Well that was a tidal wave of puns...

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PinkieDash and RariJack numbers? Brilliant! That, according to my crystal clear and completely unbiased reasoning, logically leads to FlutterTwi existing.

I have no problems with that whatsoever.